I Am Looking for a Drug Rehab Clinic and Would Like to See Reviews and Ratings.?

Question by Sean: I am looking for a drug rehab clinic and would like to see reviews and ratings.?
I am interested in the Western New york area. Preferably Buffalo, NY. It is for my mother who is addicted to prescription pain pills. I want have a place set up asap. She has been to a rehab before and had a bad experience. I want to find a better facility so that we can convince her.

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Answer by pelican
Here is a listing for treatment facilities near Buffalo. It should help.


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Drug Rehab New York (212) 430-3660 Today for Alcohol Detox – www.drug-rehab-ny.com Alcohol Detox New York , are dedicated to drug and alcohol rehab, including detox New York, counseling and after care. Alcohol Detox New York 5 Penn Plaza 23rd Floor New York City, New York 10001 (212) 512-5995 www.drug-rehab-ny.com


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