I Have a Question Dealing With Drugs and Jail Time…..?

Question by Megan: I have a question dealing with drugs and jail time…..?
A family member of mine was arrested for having possession sched u/20 grams of canibus, possession sched II substance, possession sched IV substance, and possession drug paraphernalia. The possessions are weed, xanax, somas, lordtabs, and a pipe. She has previous charges for drug related things involving pills, and she is a three time felon. I want to know what “sched” means and what her sentence might be. I live in Florida.

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Answer by Steve D
sched = schedule – the FDA has different schedules or lists of drugs with a schedule 1 drug the least potent/dangerous and as such are more controlled as you move up the schedule. She is most likely looking at some decent jail time as a three-time felon but the actual sentence will depend on the judge, whether she can plea bargain down, etc.

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