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Pete Doherty reveals aim to beat drug addiction with Paris move

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Rock star Pete Doherty has spoken out about his move to Paris, saying that he hopes the change of location will help him beat his drug addiction. Pete Doherty … However the father-of-two also confessed he wanted to stay drug-free for the sake of his …
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11 Responses to I Thought I Knew.

  • judinani says:

    This is a great video.? Real people who are willing to help others.

  • Thana O'Neal says:

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for allowing me to post this to my wall. ?

  • c0ncerta says:

    bahahhahaha fuck? off !

  • rushford75 says:

    A? very powerful video. Thank you for sharing the message to others that they are not alone in their fight against addiction.

  • eRk21221 says:

    2 people are drug addicts.?

  • Andy Harglesis says:

    You can be PROUD of yourself because you live WITHOUT DRUGS and masking agents!?

  • workinprogress53 says:

    Amazing! You told the whole story in under 6 minutes! Touched my? heart, then broke it, then healed it – with hope and cautious optimism. I will save this on my computer FOREVER, and forward it to any family I meet who needs this powerful truth!

  • yolandain2011 says:

    Very touching video. Thank you to those that shared their pain to help others. Peace be with? you.

  • Ali Barkat says:

    thank? you the nice beautiful

  • givingupdrink says:

    This is such a poignant video and helps to remind those that think drinking is fun, that there is a more serious and harmful side effect to drinking. Something like this should be aired nearly as often as alcohol ads that fill? our TV and cinema screens.

    For more help videos click on my channel.

  • Xi6Dg6 says:


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