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NY appeals court takes up Cameron Douglas case

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At sentencing, Berman noted that the Douglas family had staged interventions for Douglas that he had refused and that two decades of drug addiction treatment had been unsuccessful. He said it appeared incarceration had produced the longest period of …
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Treatment options for tackling addiction can vary from hours to months

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“Suboxone has been a lifesaver for me,” said Christian Fossdal, a recovering addict from Portland, Ore. Doctors say medication-assisted treatment, when used properly — and supplemented by counseling and support — doesn't create a new addiction.
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24 Responses to Ibogaine Treatment | Heroin Detox | Suboxone Detox | Methadone Detox | Addiction Cure Treatment

  • TheDGSexperience says:

    Praying for? u bro!! Good luck

  • ChrisDrake0620 says:

    I? go to detox for methadone Jan 2. pray for me

  • Joe jordan says:

    i really do love your feeling of passion, cause i know what the regular rehaps subs and methadone suck, they have robbed my life. I was wounding in combat and developed bad drop problem
    sleep and anxiety as well. I wont to experience spirituality

    can you please tell me what to? get in program

  • FlawlessSTAXXEnt says:

    I? just want help

  • Whitney Nuckolls says:

    how long to u hav to? b off methadone before takn ur first ibogado dose?..I cnt handle more than 2/3 days at mst

  • Valerie Araujo says:

    you’ve got really amazing stuffs the following. It’s a wonderful work I will revisit? and appearance you sometime.

  • Johan Vind says:

    I? realised in regards to a lots of great things. I favor the method that you make your video. Maintain the great operate and could you get accomplishment in the long run.

  • bryany lynee says:

    Completely true..pharmaceutical companies, and state run clinics..dont care about the patients, only the 125-300$ they bring when they? walk through the door.

  • Karl Garner says:

    If you do pills like? oxy’s the come down, will be all that much more severe. Get Clean and STAY UP!

  • FreddieGibson4n says:

    Truth is, opioid medications are far? more addictive than heroin as the half life. Thus More Profits and morefor big pharma!

  • RandolphHoganid says:

    . I believe, Since these issues are not a problem for drug addicts who have the means to have a dealer with a medical degree and? the backing of the US government one would assume it must be the drugs that are different, but they are not.

  • PhilipRogers5s says:

    This one therapy could wipe out billions? in profits in rather short order if it were readily available.

  • NaomiBeckerxv says:

    Don’t you think that availability and social stigma are? delivered from the FDA and Big Pharma. Corruption!

  • HenryRileyo2 says:

    . People know that the vast? majority of harm from drug addiction comes from big pharma

  • Bessie Vasquez says:

    Awesome Video!!!!!?

  • Billy Wilkins says:

    Keep it? up!

  • JanSantiagoe9 says:

    The drug methadone and soboxone itself? is indeed harmful, so why do doctors prescribe it?? Are they stupid? I thought the oath they took was DO NO HARM!!!

  • AustinPaul0h says:

    Can you Cure stupidity??

  • KristineMitchelle5 says:

    All I gotta say is,? WOWWWWWWWWWW!

  • WhitneyBrownhw says:

    Indeed the Creator left us with all the plants to solve? our ills! (IBOGAINE)!!!!!

  • JeffCarterns says:

    Good Job!?

  • NathanielCartermq says:

    This Video? Is Great! Thanks for loading it. The testimonials are legit.

  • ReginaldWatsonqc says:

    The US (land of the free) is one of the few countries in the world to illegalize Ibogaine and put penalties for possessing it above methamphetamine and cocaine.? This fact alone should tell you there is something to this.

  • BlancaHowellkk says:

    Suboxone and methadone medications are very convenient scenario for the drug? makers. This Video is VERY BAD FOR THEM!!!! AWESOME!!!

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