Is There a Possibility That a Drug User Passed the Drug Test?

Question by Dimple: is there a possibility that a drug user passed the drug test?
My cousin has a symptoms of a drug addiction such as loss of appetite, change in moods, stealing money, vomiting, change in his eyes. Even our neighbors are telling us to watch over him because his new friends are drug user. But last 3 months ago, he got a driver’s license and passed the drug testing.

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Answer by jark
Yeah its possible, some drug test are a false positive and vise versa. the best way to find out is a tox screen at the hospital

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5 Responses to Is There a Possibility That a Drug User Passed the Drug Test?

  • wannaknowit says:

    And how many times have you used that “weed” before you learnt that there was heroin in it? That is so evil. Selling something else than what you asked for. What do? you mean by being sick? Bone aches, cold sweats, hot chills, nose running, puking, every single symptoms of a heroin withdrawal? Which country are you from? And what does this mean?”Aki, sijui nitfanya aje” Thanks!

  • juniwilliams says:

    i wish had the strengt he had in fighting his addiction. I got addicted to heron66 months ago, when i ws buyin what i thought was weed, but it? was laced with heroin. I knew smething was really wrong whe i began getting sick, cause i never got sick from marijuana. My dealer say he swore he didnt know, but im certain he planned to get me addicted so he could have a daily inflow of cash from. Now im failing most of my college classes and on the verge of dropping out. Aki, sijui nitfanya aje

  • wannaknowit says:

    This man could get rit rid of his heroin? addiction?! Hoooow?He abused it for such a long time……how damn strong he must be and how much will power he must have…Oh god many people could learn a lesson or two from this intelligent man!!!I think he deserves a prize for that!He must be tempted every single day and he resists doing it……I respect him a lot!!!

  • derisa71 says:

    nlikuwa mombasa juzi kwa miezi 11 na yale nliona huko ni ya kushangaza na tusikitisha…huu unga umeharibu vijana wengi sana,vijana wadogo na wazuri.Serikali pia ilitangaza ati wameshindwa kupigana na madawa ya kulevya,kupitia kwa radio fulani,kenya.kusema kweli wkenya lazima tufanye jambo kuhusu hay madawa ya kulevya,maana vijana wetu,wanapotea na maumbwa koko wauzao maunga wanatengeza tu? pesa kwa kuharibu watoto wa watu..

  • kibokoyao1 says:

    This is real time learning. Excellent education. Ahstate sana bwana.?

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