Last Minute Probation Question. 11 Months Down. 1 to Go. Pennsylvania.?

Question by jeremy: Last minute probation question. 11 months down. 1 to go. Pennsylvania.?
So I’ve been on probation for a little over 11 months, and I haven’t smoked at all, or drank at all for a year. I was arrested for a DUI in April of ’08, with a BAC of .10, and 50ng/ml of THC d9, and placed in the ARD program December 2nd of the same year. So far I’ve completed my community service, my CRN evaluation, my first PPI evaluation, paid all of my fines, completed Highway and Driving Safety School, gotten treatment at an outpatient center, and am almost done with my 12 months of probation. I report in every month on the 2nd, via call track, and haven’t actually seen my probation officer since my formal arraignment of December 2nd. I was late with a couple of payments over the past year, but I DID get it all paid.

I’m just wondering what the likelihood of their looking me up, drug testing, visiting me at work will be for the last couple of weeks etc. I’ve heard stories about PO’s kind of busting in and demanding urine tests during the last month of probation. The one thing that I AM worried about is money, and how much a urinalysis would cost, and if I’d be able to pay before my probation ends. Not to mention whether or not I’ll have a second DUI PPI interview (my first rendered a diagnosis of 305.02 Non-dependent alcohol abuse episodic drinking behavior). Anyway, I was just wondering if they’re going to have my second interview before or after probation ends (if at all), and if I’ll be drug tested after it ends (I haven’t been drug tested at all the past 11 months).

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States.

Thanks for any info you guys can provide.

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Answer by Glenn H
After your probation ends you won’t have to worry about any further drug tests or interviews. That’s how it is here in Indiana. Just don’t get in trouble again and congratulations, in advance, on completing your probation. I know that’s not an easy thing to do.

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