Life Fail Vancouver Downtown East Side Hastings Street Area and Pigeon Park


Life Fail Vancouver Downtown East Side Hastings Street area and Pigeon Park – Downtown Downtown East Side Vancouver Hastings and Main area. Butch walks through the Hastings Street and Main Street area of Vancouver’s lower East Side on Sunday afternoon 20 June, 2010. The locals have taken to selling goods on the street “en masse” on Sundays to avoid being ticketed. The poor of this area are constantly ticked for infractions like J-walking and street peddling but some are trying to provide some small means to earn money by having street sales on Sunday afternoons. Butch is a big boy and not afraid of being beaten up for taking photos but did encounter a lot of verbal abuse for using a camera. Vancouver is attempting to deal with helping its poor and social fringe population lately because it is getting out of hand but spending taxpayers money on the poor is not a high priority. The area is home to Vancouver’s poorest people and has many rooming houses that also attract the drug addicted and mentally ill. Video by David Silvercloud (Butch). Camera: Samsung WB500 on an Xshot monopod.


Gun license steps

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We need to learn more about mental illness, domestic violence, drug abuse and the importance of reaching out to young families in trouble. “Our town does … A good place to start is Maine Children's Growth Council and Maine Children's Alliance. Gil …
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Accused Augusta heroin trafficker claims mistaken identity

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14, 2004, robbery. On the drug charge, Wood's bail was set at $ 5,000 cash or $ 5,000 unsecured with a Maine Pretrial Services contract. Norton, 56, told investigators she had an opiate addiction and allowed "Chicken, Twin, and West/Snaxx to deal illegal …
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