Looking for a Caregiver Involved With Teenage Drug Abuse for a Quick Telephone Interview?

Question by Endeavoring Meaning: Looking for a Caregiver involved with teenage drug abuse for a quick telephone interview?
The title explains it all.
I know there are a lot of numbers you can call to get help with drug abuse, but I’m just looking for info. This is for a school project, and so far I haven’t been able to contact anyone who simply gives out information on what they do to help prevent teenage drug abuse.

I’m looking for a phone number to call preferably.

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Answer by Yuliya P
If your county has mental health program you can call them and ask questions what they do to prevent drug abuse. There are also programs to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. You can probably find that information on your states DHS website.

When it comes to actual caregivers unless you know somebody I don’t think anybody would give you the name. But you can ask if they those programs could help you to find somebody who would be willing to help you with your school project.

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