Macaulay Culkin Heroin Addict?


Macaulay Culkin Heroin Addict? – The former child star is reportedly battling a huge heroin and oxycodone addiction, and friends fear he could be dead in six months.


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He says school safety rules have been tossed out the window, and claims to have the pictures to prove it. School leaders at Broad Rock Elementary areMore >>. One parent of a …. "We are increasingly concerned that regular or daily use of marijuana is …
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Sports in 2012: The good

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If such an event can be called normal, then London can, following as it did the sad legacy of the Athens Games (drug scandals, facilities in disrepair) and the over-the-top, efficient Beijing Olympics. And with no publicly known … The Canadian women …


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16 Responses to Macaulay Culkin Heroin Addict?

  • stylishgirl90801 says:

    macaulay we? love you why are you doing this to yourself please stop and get help we want the old macauly back please stop drugs!!!!!

  • pukasmukas says:

    why no film companies hire him anymore ??? >.< there's plenty of movie casts for him ... ?

  • Toad166666 says:

    obviosly to block? out what micheal jackson did when he was home alone with him

  • lgalbraith28 says:

    Dear God,
    I pray for Macaulay Culkin. Please make him healthier and make good choices. Help him to know that you love him soooo much and care about him. Help him face all those rumors about him Lord and help him stay strong! Help him to know you and accept you as his father. And please let him know? that their are fans out there that care about him, and please make him happy again. In your name I pray? amen. Like if you agree and re-post this everywhere around the world. Thank you!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :))

  • JedHead93 says:

    Poor Macaulay…Isn’t Mila? dating Ashton Kutcher now?

  • alandra307format12 says:

    I’m thinking about getting people together and forming a channel on fb and youtube or something on helping Mac on stopping his obsession…anyone wanna join??You’re really? helping him out.Like this if you’re in and then msge me or something saying you would like to. 🙂 Let’s help Macaulay!!!

  • heyitsmejason1 says:

    they could do a new home alone movie were he grows up gets addicted 2 heroin breaks in2 homes 2 pay for his addiction and flynn from shake it up is? waiting for him 2 fuk him up ok im stoned but u get the picture

  • miss20sa11 says:

    Awwww it’s so heart breaking to know that, that cute little boy off Home Alone has ended up this way :(((? Hope he gets the right kind of help before it’s too late!!!

  • MitchO haines says:

    God did not? , you did there would be no heroin if god had his way 😛

  • xxcharmed1xx says:

    She should be helping him, not breaking his heart and? shacking up with douchey kutcher! Get well soon MAC.

  • John Pang says:

    man this bloke associate with the? wrong people, thats why hes doing this

  • TheSteelersrock1010 says:

    you look at him as a kid in home alone the cute little kid that warmed your heart you never think they will grow up and turn out this way ..i watch home alone and home alone 2 every Christmas it makes me laugh and makes me feel good ..but now that i seen this video and know that little kevin mccallister grew up and got on drugs how can i ever look? at the movies home alone the same way again ..i do wish Macaulay Culkin aka kevin mccallister all the best and hope he can kick the habit

  • hasonopinion says:

    I want? some! (NOW)

  • computermaster says:

    Such a shame- he looks so? old for 32- like a 70 year old- what did all that fame do to help him?

  • ely1camb says:

    I think MJ got his wicked way? :O)

  • Tanya Suarez says:

    I really do not like what is said about Macaulay hanging out with junkies and low lifes. Anyone who makes a statement like that doesn’t know anything about addiction,people don’t just wake up or decide someday they just want to become a junky. I was an addict for 29 years because i was molested as a child and abused as an adult? i was also addicted to oxycotin and heroin but i was in bondage for many years i am free today and i am in college i am an inspirational speaker God delivered me.

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