Narconon of Seattle Saves Lives Some Times!


Narconon of Seattle saves lives some times! – Narconon vista bay is one of the premiere fake drug and alcohol treatment centers servicing California, San Jose, San Fransisco, Santa Carla County, los angeles, orange county, san diego, sacramento, long beach, Washington State and Oregon State to name a few. We pretend to fight drug abuse with affordable (000) and reliable (6% success rate) drug rehabilitation programs at Vista Bay.All about Scientology and the totally independent Narconon drug rehab program run by Scientologists for Scientology. For more information about Narconon visit: narconon drug rehab rehabilitation addict recovery facts scientology cult heroin cocaine marijuana dianetics tom cruise katie holmes anonymous chanology arrowhead exposed body thetans xenu


Steve Smith: Fleetwood Mac on the road again; jazz giant Dave Brubeck

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born Brubeck was accorded was the Kennedy Center Honor in 2009, a 1996 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a 2007 BBC Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2008 he was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. … BUDDY GUY RECEIVE KENNEDY CENTER …
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