Narconon Program | the Early Days | Drug Rehab


Narconon Program | The Early Days | Drug Rehab – History of the early days of the Narconon program and the first Narconon drug rehab center. William Benitez found a book written by L. Ron Hubbard in the Arizona State Prison and in 1966 founded the rehab program.


Drug felons turn their lives around by graduating from rehab program

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But now, thanks to a Cook County drug court rehabilitation program, Gulley, 52, is clean and regularly spends time with his loved ones. “It feels so good,” Gulley said after he graduated with 17 others from the Rehabilitative Alternative Probation or …
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Public invited to tour drug rehab center

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“Basically, we're giving the community an opportunity to see what Best Drug Rehabilitation is all about and what we do here,” said Amber Howe, executive director of the facility that is in the former Tendercare home on the southern border of Manistee.
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Disbarred Dallas personal injury lawyer Thomas Corea to ask judge to let him

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So it's certainly not shocking that Corea is expected back in a Dallas County courtroom Wednesday morning to ask state District Judge Mike Snipes to let him go to a South Texas drug rehabilitation facility. According to the Dallas County District …
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Michael Lohan: I'm Worried Lindsay May Die If She Doesn't Go To Rehab

Filed under: drug rehab spoke to Lindsay's dad following the news that she may be headed back to jail after allegedly punching a woman in the face at an NYC nightclub and he told us he's terrified that Lindsay is drinking and using drugs to “drown her sorrows.
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15 Responses to Narconon Program | the Early Days | Drug Rehab

  • yamahamotox68 says:

    Good? for him !!!

  • upcycle says:

    Thanks? for sharing/posting this video.

  • pjhusser says:

    Mr. Benitez was indeed a grea man who had vision. Whether it was to create a drug rehab clinic or create an entire organization, I think he was? very successful at the most important thing of all, helping make a positive differance.

  • NarcononCalifornia says:

    William Benitez paved the way for so many people to recover permanently from addiction. I can’t imagine what the world would? be like without his work.

  • NarcononCalifornia says:

    What an incredible story. Every time I hear it I gain hope that more people than? ever before can overcome addiction.

  • narconon says:

    Thank you for your? comment. And yes, Mr. Benitez’ inspiring work did inspire and help many people get off drugs.

  • kmrnm10 says:

    I? occasionally see an email from narconon come across, but had never read it. But, today I took a look, watched the video. What an amazing story of what a person can do. My niece went thru the program years ago and I am very grateful. She’s now happy and raising a beautiful child with her husband. Thank you Mr. Benitez for starting this.

  • piclabel says:

    Amazing story from William Benitez the founder of? the Narconon drug rehab program

  • mihranian says:

    I watched the video, as a user? of the narconon program treating some of my drug addicts, I ashure you that with this program i have the best result.
    Dr.Hermon Mihranian

  • Robert Newman says:

    This video is a tastement to the man whom I consider to be one of my best friends. I, like him, had searched for answers and found none until my sister found the Narconon program. I was down and out and at the end of my rope. I had been to see counselors, in jail and countless other things. Nothing insprired me to quit a life? of drugs and crime until completing the Narconon program ten years ago. This inspires me to carry on!

  • kayakotto says:

    I really enjoyed this video. Gives a very clear and concise presentation on how Narconon came to be and it’s expansion. It is a great video to share with anyone struggling with addiction in their family or workplace – and anyone struggling personally. As a Narconon? graduate and now a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor working with Narconon I can attest personally to the workablity of this priceless program

  • Angieamster says:

    Great video. It is amazing how one person’s initiative make such an impact on others peoples’? lives. Narconon is the best program I know in the drug rehab field

  • eccat1 says:

    This is a great video!! Really enjoyed watching? this and seeing how Narconon has expanded.

  • poodle245 says:

    Great video. Narconon has such a? long history of people who truly want to help and then on top of it have an effective way of doing so.

  • Ugo Ferrando says:

    Great documentary!?

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