NJP: Public Healthcare for Children & Youth in Washington State


NJP: Public Healthcare for Children & Youth in Washington State – This is a brief webcast about public healthcare for children and youth up to age 21. Know about kids’ rights to get all the medical and mental health care that they need! This webcast was produced by the Northwest Justice Project www.nwjustice.org and TeamChild http You can help us make NJP’s videos better! Please let us know what you thought about the video by answering a brief survey at this link: www.surveymonkey.com * * * * * In Washington State, kids can apply for healthcare benefits with a parent or guardian at a local community service office of the Department of Social and Health Services. You can find your local community service office online: www.dshs.wa.gov To grow up healthy and strong, kids should regularly go to the doctor. Regular check-ups and visits to a doctor when a child is sick or needs a specific kind of treatment are guaranteed for kids who have public medical assistance (like Medicaid). Whose healthcare rights are we talking about? 1. Children and youth, age 20 and younger 2. who receive Medicaid or another state medical benefit like Apple Health for Kids or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. (Kids who have a “medical coupon” or a Provider One card probably have Medicaid or other medical assistance.) What healthcare can youth get? Children and youth who have public medical assistance have the right to get all “medically necessary” healthcare treatment. This means regular check-ups and health screenings. It also means any treatment that is


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With an active purchaser model, the directors of a given state's health exchange might limit the number of plan options available to consumers, she said, to drive premium prices down or simplify consumer choices.” Is this “by popular demand”? MPR's …
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In the U.S., in addition to Colorado and Washington legalizing the drug, 18 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws legalizing so-called “medical marijuana.” The Tampa Bay Times … He writes, “Medical marijuana for the treatment of …
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