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Our War Veterans Need Our Support.mov – The Couch Live with the street certified dope doctor Lui Delgado, CAP (Certified Addictions Professional), co-host Denise McLean Solis (Certified Life Coach), and producer Capn Chris Hill welcomed Army National Guard War Veteran Sgt. Dave Matthews to the show to discuss PTSD, substance abuse, and other related issues to help us understand and know how to better support our War Veterans. Please do your part and share the message. Comments are always welcome here, at www.thedopedoctor.com, on the FB fan page for thedopedoctor.com, at www.youtube.com/thedopedoctor, or a number of other social outlets mentioned at our website. Thanks for being part of the solution. Lui….aka tDD.


JAWS and the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot: Jeff Bagwell

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Yet when Bagwell first came up for election on the 2011 ballot, he received just 41.7 percent of the vote, mainly due to a whisper campaign that alleged he had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs in his career. … candidates who surpassed 50 …
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CNN, Fox News Supreme Court Flubs Named 'Error Of The Year'

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Now it's up to the American people to decide whether they will tolerate this obscene abuse of individual liberty," said John Hart, a spokesman for Sen. …. Now, 470 small businesses in the district will have the opportunity to receive tax credits to …
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