Parent Discussion on Drug Abuse and Addiction With Dr. Volkow NIDA


Parent discussion on drug abuse and addiction with Dr. Volkow NIDA – Dr. Volkow talks to parents in Harlem about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction, how to talk to kids about drugs and how to recognize if a kid is taking drugs. She also addresses the dangers of prescription drug abuse and marijuana. This video can also be viewed at: and Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy:


KU researchers using .75 million in grants to help reunite parents, children

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The two grants — $ 3.25 million for the state of Oklahoma, and $ 2.5 million for Iowa — will also help incorporate other family programs to help substance-abusing parents reunite with children. Johnny Kim, an associate professor of social welfare at KU …
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Par-Troy Leaders Come Together to Fight Drug Abuse

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He noted that while most think kids are abusing alcohol and marijuana, the past few years have shown a "huge rise" in the use of pills—everything from sedatives . Many teens, he said, help themselves to the legally prescribed medications in their …


4 Responses to Parent Discussion on Drug Abuse and Addiction With Dr. Volkow NIDA

  • CatsEyes1717 says:

    Sounds like? some of the folks here are in denial. I wonder where they get their info from, that pot is harmless. -It effects your lungs and cause cancer. – You have memory loss – You are effecting your brain neurons – Your eyes get bloodshot – You may become dependent and need it for coping – Yes, I have heard addicts say they never thought it would be the opened gate to other drugs, but it made them curious and weak.

  • NIDANIH says:

    You make some good points about substance abuse being a complex issue. Not only do drug effects—including those from prescribed controlled medications—vary with the type, amount and quality of the substance (or substances), but each person reacts differently based on multiple risk and protective factors such as age, genetics,? environment, etc. So you never know when you abuse a drug—sometimes it leads to addiction, and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • MrNormlguy says:

    sadly this is another case of making a blanket generalization about drugs to demonize cannabis. Although I agree children under 18 shouldn’t ingest cannabis without a very specific? prescription for a very serious issue, adults should be allowed to have a responsible amount for themselves. Let me tell you I do better with my homework when I get a little high. But I have never observed the same in teens.

  • upsycotube says:

    Cannabis is a harmless relaxant that is used for many medicinal uses,? and is recommended? for many things, such as depression, arthritis, nerve pain, cancer, and many many more things.

    you said it yourself “used for may medicinal uses”, dont smoke weed if you have lung cancer lol! dont abuse of anything, drug, alcohol, energie drink XD

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