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Preventing Teen Drug Use – – – Subscribe to this YouTube channel. Give your teen a “socially acceptable” excuse to say no to drugs when the peer pressure gets worse. Reward their drug free choices like A’s on a report card! Home drug tests and properly administered home drug test programs can prevent the signs of drug use and symptoms of drug use in your family! Like us at http and follow us on Twitter at


The Partnership at Responds to Surge in Childhood Marijuana Use

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19, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future Study (MTF) – an annual survey on teen drug abuse tracking 8th, 10th and 12th graders – shows a multi-year surge in childhood marijuana use among the nation's …
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UM: Teen pot use on decline

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Detroit — Teen consumption of marijuana appears to have leveled off, but advocates for and against legalization disagree on whether looser drug laws could reverse that trend. A survey released this month by the University of Michigan showed reported …
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News in Brief — 1/6/13

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PORTSMOUTH (AP) — People who died from drug-related causes will be honored this weekend at a memorial celebration in a southern Ohio county ravaged by prescription drug abuse. The support and action group SOLACE, or Surviving Our Loss and …
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7 Responses to Preventing Teen Drug Use –

  • uniquekeanu says:

    I don’t have any kids but when it comes to drugs I don’t want to indoctrinate them and say every drug which is illegal is super-dangerous and kill you nor do i want to screw up their life in a cycle of substance abuse. I’d rather if they chose to do whatever drugs they want as long as they are aware of the dangers and are responsible enough to know when enough is enough and i want them to? be honest with me about it

  • tony tran says:


  • ernestmac13 says:

    If? you teach your children real world consequences, they can make good choices. Kids themselves know, that its both the kids who’s parents are totally over barring & give their kids no freedom, & the kids who are given total freedom, that get in the most trouble. The first group acts out once they have freedom, because they never had it & will do so to spite you, the second group acts out because even negative attention is better than none. The middle has their parent’s respect & understanding.

  • shibbyxoxo says:

    This is ridiculous. A) smoking pot once in a while is no more harmful than drinking, and b) drug testing your own children? Give me a break. This will just push them away. If they’re smoking pot? once in a while, you don’t have a problem. If they’re doing harder drugs, testing them is just going to make it worse. Fail.

  • F. Yo. Couch says:

    If you feel the need to test? your teen as a parent, then you’ve already failed.

  • IloveJesusYesId0 says:

    Another easy out for shitty parents who will now ignore their kids real issues with how garbage this world is.

    I’m sure this will cause suicides.

    GJ world. Keep bowing to money, and clinging to pointless remedies which NEVER EVER work.


    The proper? way parents with 3 or more brain cells should treat this problem is obviously to raise their kids well instead of sucking ass at it. Talking to them, caring about them, being open. Nature. Love.

  • roseagull says:

    I wouldn’t dream of testing my child, as a good parent-child relation ship is based on communication and trust. As for “my parents test me” — today a choice tomorrow? mandatory? No thanks. This sets a dangerous precedent. And by the way, my child knows that Ritalin and vaccinations are also harmful drugs, just to name a few…

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