Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #12


Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #12 – NARCONON OF GEORGIA PROTEST. THANK YOU GA PEOPLE FOR YOUR HELP. Patrick Desmond’s mother describes him as kind-hearted and good-natured, but the former Marine died at 28-years-old, losing a battle against alcoholism. Desmond’s death in 2008 came as he took part in a worldwide drug treatment program, Narconon, already under fire for other patient deaths and ties to the Church of ScientologyProtest of Travolta’s NarCONon #1


GHSU cancer trials ongoing, encouraging

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About 30 percent of that investment involves treatment research, including clinical trials, says an Institute of Medicine report. CANCER CLINICAL trials … According to the NCI, more than 2,000 clinical trials are in progress today, accepting both …
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Where to Get a Flu Shot in Duluth – Duluth, GA Patch

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Five states – Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee – are reporting flu rates not normally seen until January, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The flu season normally peaks in January and February. Holiday travel and more time …


5 Responses to Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #12

  • irishgal5505 says:

    Please keep up? the fight, it is working!!!! Many thanks

  • SP4123105 says:

    Keep on those mofos. Scientology and Narconon are getting closed down because of good? people like you, doing what you do.

  • Helmut Trekcan says:

    Helft alle mit!… die falsche Kirche Scientology zu beenden, sie reißt sonst Amerika
    in die Dunkelheit des Verbrechens…sonst wird Amerika immer unbeliebter und OBAMA schläft? tief…..

  • gman3030300 says:

    If i had ted tuner money and buy out all the? scientology places and turn it in to something diff and have a big bon fire and burn all the L.R.H books

  • JustAnotherCameraMan says:

    Thank you for? taking the time to do these videos.

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