Racial Statistics on Poverty, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction?

Question by N. in ATL: Racial statistics on poverty, alcoholism and drug addiction?
In the United States is race a factor for African Americans with respect to poverty, alcoholism and drug addiction? I’m looking for statistics to prove it exists.

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Answer by Joss
You’ll have to research to find statistics worth using. Search on the topic and you might find a few articles that mention statistics and a source. You might have to look to trade journals to find this info; something credible in the field of drug and alcohol addiction or poverty.

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Drug abuse rising in Myanmar – A region that is notorious for its international drug trade, Myanmar’s Golden Triangle has developed a drug problem in its backyard as well. Although the government keeps a tight lid on drug abuse and HIV infection statistics, experts say that up to half of the young people in the area are battling drug addiction. The name of Al Jazeera’s correspondent has been withheld to secure her safety as international journalists are banned from reporting from inside Myanmar.


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As run/pass balance research from Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats shows, in 1983, the NFL was thawing out of an offensive Ice Age. Rules changes in 1978 …. Marino's stock fell when rumors of recreational drug use made the rounds. Even his hometown …
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Program for first-time parents helps prevent health problems

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The statewide program has served more than 60,000 families since 2000, including 10,113 families in the last year, according to statistics provided by the program. It is the largest home visitation program of its kind in the country and is funded with …
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Metro-area homicides rise in 2012

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When the department reports its crime statistics to the FBI, it will report 36 homicides, not including that of Travis Johnson, 21, who was killed by an off-duty Walbridge police officer on June 23. Johnson allegedly was attempting … Drug-related …
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