(Rehab 911) Present the Cornelius Brothers Sister Rose and Billie Jo.MP4


(Rehab 911) Present The Cornelius Brothers Sister Rose And Billie Jo.MP4 – Larry of Rehab 911 your loving brother admits “Family” does matter. With That said to all 200 plus family members of the “Family Of Entertainers” Cornelius Brothers/Sister Rose/Billie Jo, why wait until death and despair come into a family’s life. From now on, say something good about love one’s, family because “family does matter”. Simply put, Its break the back of the Cain and Abel spirit over our loving family and comprehend why, “We Are Our Brother’s And Sister’s Keepers”. Simply, lets take it from the Jackson’s as they show the world “why it is so important to show love ones that “Family Really Does Matter”. To the Cornelius Family “family of entertainers” from South Beach Miami Fl… to New Jersey to California, its time to brake the spirit of division caused by “envy and jealousy” those attributes that has been used against “Family” since the beginning of Mankind’s First Family “Adam and Eve’s” siblings “Cain and Abel”. Let get back to what dad and mom labored from birth to hard work in ditches, under houses and in the cold/heat of the day while doin plumbing for food, shelter, clothing, instruments, rewards and toys we each wanted day after day, birthdays and Chritmas. Put simply, lets live life out the way mom told us the Good Lord Had plan “in Good Health And Happiness” “Talented, Gifted, Thankful And Grateful” because none of us really know when its our time” to see the Lord for ourselves. Remember family, “its too late to turn back now”; make amends for


Top 10 Worst Reality TV Shows Of All-Time

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Believe it or not, my real bone to pick with Jersey Shore stems less from my concerns about their humiliating representation of Italians and more from my severe irritation that spiked-up hair is now making a comeback. Having been a teenager in the 1990 …
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Caleb Russell, Chicago Man, Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up CTA Bus

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The incident has prompted conservative blogger Pamela Geller, whose incendiary "Defeat Jihad" ads graced a number of CTA buses last year, to blame CAIR-Chicago, whose executive director Ahmed Rehab sponsored a pro-Muslim "My Jihad" ad campaign in …
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