Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness


Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As Illness – Comedian Russell Brand has told MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee addiction should be treated as an illness instead of a crime. The 36-year-old who said he had beaten a heroin addiction which saw him arrested a dozen times, blamed his drug problems on emotional and psychological difficulties. Society should not “discard people, write them off on methadone and leave them on the sidelines” and should exercise more “love and compassion”, he argued.


Illicit drugs 'can speed up psychosis'

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Professor Jon Currie, head of addiction medicine at Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital, said early use of drugs was a risk for all young people, not just those predisposed to schizophrenia, because the brain was still developing until the early 20s …
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Siva still writing his amazing tale

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Siva's father, Peyton Siva Sr., fell into a haze of drug and alcohol addiction in Seattle's rough-and-tumble Central District. He'd go on benders, and …. It's not what makes Siva talk about his Christian faith and stories of redemption. Ultimately …


How to make exercise pay off

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… we're all paying for it. There are broader costs as well. Research shows that inactive communities have lower academic scores, higher crime, more sexual abuse, drug addiction — that affects all of us. Jackie Crosby • 612-673-7335. read full …
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Drug abuse awareness event set for 2013

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Efforts locally to spread awareness of the drug issue, and that addiction can strike anyone regardless of social status and age, have been ongoing at a heightened level since the drug abuse prevention coalition began in 2010. In 2011, 21 overdose …
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