Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness


Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As Illness – Comedian Russell Brand has told MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee addiction should be treated as an illness instead of a crime. The 36-year-old who said he had beaten a heroin addiction which saw him arrested a dozen times, blamed his drug problems on emotional and psychological difficulties. Society should not “discard people, write them off on methadone and leave them on the sidelines” and should exercise more “love and compassion”, he argued.


Illicit drugs 'can speed up psychosis'

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Professor Jon Currie, head of addiction medicine at Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital, said early use of drugs was a risk for all young people, not just those predisposed to schizophrenia, because the brain was still developing until the early 20s …
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Siva still writing his amazing tale

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Siva's father, Peyton Siva Sr., fell into a haze of drug and alcohol addiction in Seattle's rough-and-tumble Central District. He'd go on benders, and …. It's not what makes Siva talk about his Christian faith and stories of redemption. Ultimately …


How to make exercise pay off

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… we're all paying for it. There are broader costs as well. Research shows that inactive communities have lower academic scores, higher crime, more sexual abuse, drug addiction — that affects all of us. Jackie Crosby • 612-673-7335. read full …
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Drug abuse awareness event set for 2013

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Efforts locally to spread awareness of the drug issue, and that addiction can strike anyone regardless of social status and age, have been ongoing at a heightened level since the drug abuse prevention coalition began in 2010. In 2011, 21 overdose …
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19 Responses to Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated as Illness

  • jessechensley says:

    Not my favorite actor, but damn it all if I don’t like this guy a little more with every interview I watch. Something about a guy that? society generally sees as a subculture representation going toe-to-toe against some narrow-minded politicians gets my blood pumping.

  • Theultimateperso1000 says:

    that made me laugh ahaha?

  • sonofslobodan1 says:

    Nothing says ‘I’ve got a drug addiction’ quite like standing outside cash converters with? a PS1 in an Argos carrier bag.

  • london160 says:

    OK lets agree to disagree. I think that the gay costume and crappy jokes are the main focus of the video. He is not saying anything new. Addiction is already treated as an illness – methadone, syringe exchange clinics… There are many people who? believe that allowing drug dealers to abuse them is somehow a rebellion against the system. OK, you don’t think that, but many do.

  • dylansfg says:

    I don’t see how the clothes he’s wearing is relevant in any way, people should be paying attention to what he’s saying, not what he’s wearing, because it’s obviously not the main focus of? the video. I think he’s become famous more for his comedy than he has for either of those things, even if they have contributed to it I doubt he’d be as successful with just them. What makes you think I see him as a rebel because of his drug usage?

  • london160 says:

    I am not arguing for abstinence based recovery. I am just pointing out that going into the debate dressed in bizarre clothing and making jokes throughout is a pretty lame way to grab attention. If you cannot see that as? career promotion then there is something wrong with you. No wonder the British are such failures. In no other country could somebody get famous for wearing makeup and faking a cockney accent. You see this guy as a “rebel” because he allowed a dealer to damage his body with drugs.

  • joyce1830 says:

    What is “taking care of them” and for how long…we have only so many resources (money, time, energy & will) If it were a matter of actually wanting help, taking the cure & moving on that would be one thing…but have you? read the stats on “recovery”? No, my friend, high ideals are one thing, reality is another. Many knowingly and freely decide to dope and like the lifestyle and use welll-intended, sympathetic but misguided to support them. Tough love is the only answer, not a pat on the head.

  • FerretOverlord says:

    But you’re looking at this as if an addicted individual has no impact on the world around them. Addiction increases an individual’s propensity to commit crime, and may quite possibly cost us more as a society than simply helping them would. Even if you don’t agree that we should be responsible for them,? we have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of them, if only simply to reduce the impact their actions have upon us.

  • joyce1830 says:

    BTW, We HAVE been? working together…we teach children, pre-adolescents, teens and college students over and over and over again that drugs are addictive..but they do it anyway….they are on their on…some people are too stupid to be worth saving. It is just as if I decide to jump off a cliff and make it YOUR job to run to the bottom and let me land on you to save me RIDICULOUS

  • joyce1830 says:

    DOPERS DO IT WITH THE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF ITS EFFECTS CONSEQUENTLY THEY,NOT ME, MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES, I will save my sympathy and tax dollars for the underprivliged and the ill, not the IDIOTS who are too stupid to listen to what they have been taught about drugs from kindergarten.Obviously you are a victim of drugs since you cannot understand a single cogent thought, a sign of a diseased mind and rotting spirit, go snort something and leave me? alone, the village won’t miss another idiot.

  • FerretOverlord says:

    Intelligent people don’t resort to ad hominem attacks to defend themselves. Nice try. I’ll try to make an argument on your level of intelligence: PPL R SOCIAL AMNALS TEY? HAVE 2 WORK 2GTHR 2 GET THINGS DONE

  • joyce1830 says:

    You picked “Ferret” as a screen name and I’m the one insane…you have been playing too many video games bro…get a job and stop smokin’, I know what drugs do so I don’t do drugs, it isn’t special info we all know its effects and if you are dumb enough to go ahead and poison yourself don’t ask me to offer you a cure…it’s? called PERSONAL RESPONSBILITY…learn it, live it and STFU

  • FerretOverlord says:

    You know who you sound like? Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand idolized sociopaths because they thought only about themselves.

    Ayn Rand was fucking insane. Are you fucking insane? If not, I would recommend realizing that our society isn’t comprised of a bunch of individuals never helping each other or? interacting. It is a network of people who are interconnected on a personal level.

  • Sarah Gilmour says:

    You sir, are a knob. And I? mean that in the most derogatory sense.

  • honeymclean says:

    How can it be? an illness when its self inflicted ?

  • jqbtube says:

    You’re projecting, cretin.?

  • Proudofbeingaman Xo says:

    Says one of those 99% who’ve never known what it’s like to be rich, and thinks that being poor entitles him to coax the rich into sharing their riches with him.
    Off topic, but kinda sums you up as one of those lowlife losers who’re in a habit of expecting a superhero to rescue him/her in the hour of crisis, for the fucked up decisions? that they had boasted of making in the first place.

  • MrHomeNucleonics says:

    no one asked? you bro

  • joyce1830 says:

    Not a Conservative, fully understand the world is better off with “less drug addiction.” You have missed my point. Everyone from the 2nd grade on up has been taught, shown, demonstrated, preached to and begged to refrain from drugs. For some unknown reason they do it even with the full knowledge of the sure outcome. So, if I jump off a cliff it is up to the rest of the world to run to the bottom and throw out a net to catch me,? give me a hug and kiss my boo boo. Sorry honey, not buyin’ it.

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