Smokin During Attending IPSA.?

Question by James: Smokin during attending IPSA.?
My friend had got busted for a little bit of weed and has to go to this thing called IPSA (Intervention Program for substance abusers) and it costs $ 350 to complete that program, question 1 is If he doesnt have it to pay what can they do ? make him quit the program and do a lot of community service or somethin? Im trynna get him to keep clean thru the whole thing so he doesnt have to keep doin this over and over. I can get him to stay clean for a few days but wen he wants to smoke weed ( I too smoke) we end up doin it. But i havent been doin it around him at all but if he constantly keeps doing it can he go to jail over not keeping clean or will they make him go thru the program longer until he get 24 clean piss tests ? my friend needs 24 clean urine tests rate its gonna take him forever to get that clean. Im not sure if it matters but we are in Maryland (wasnt sure if IPSA was different from the ones in other states) let me know thanks

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Answer by Edward G
The IPSA program is specific to Montgomery County. It provides an opportunity for first-time offenders charged with minor drug violations to participate in an education or treatment program that acquaints them with the potential consequences of continued drug use, facilitates a self-evaluation of their current behavior, and interrupts that risk-taking behavior as a means of intervention.

Failure to complete the IPSA program results in an offender’s case being referred for trial. In other words, your friend is likely to go before a judge who can then impose the full sentence for the original marijuana bust.

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