Stepworks Addiction Treatment, “Future Clients”


Stepworks Addiction Treatment, “Future Clients” – This video is an in-house production of Stepworks. Stepworks Addiction Treatment is restoring lives hurt by addiction, and the team sees dramatic outcomes in people’s lives. Outcome studies indicate that over 60% of Stepworks’ graduating clients remain clean and sober one year following treatment; that compares with a national average of just above 20%.


Young adult suicide numbers concerning

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In a report in Addiction Treatment Magazine, the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC), states that more than 33,000 people commit suicide every year in the United States. … According to a 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health …


Repros Reports Core 1-Year DEXA Study Fully Enrolled Ahead of Schedule and

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Oral administration, safe and consistent efficacy for over 80% of men and no potential for abuse leads Repros to believe Androxal, if approved, will be the drug of choice in treating secondary hypogonadism. … have success in the clinical development …
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