Substance Abuse : How to Spot Signs of Cocaine Use


Substance Abuse : How to Spot Signs of Cocaine Use – Signs of cocaine use include frequent sniffing, runny noses, frequent nose bleeds, bloodshot eyes, sweating, rapid speaking and changes in eating behaviors. Find out why noticeable weight loss may be a sign of cocaine use with help from an addiction specialist in this free video on substance abuse. Expert: Dr. Kim Makoi Bio: Dr. Kim Makoi has been a chiropractor in San Francisco for more than 11 years. He is also an addiction specialist. Filmmaker: Sam Lee


Attacker knocks out woman, steals 0

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Gant told Moore she'd had a substance abuse problem in the past and said, "I have a good job, a home, I just don't want to lose that." She was accused of stealing a bracelet, earring set and fashion accessories by Walmart security. Charges of …
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Leave Before He Kills You

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“You can draw a straight line from the boarding schools to alcohol abuse, substance abuse, exploitation of children and violence against women in the Indian community,” Kevin Gover (Pawnee), the director of the National Museum of the American Indian …
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2012 Year in Review – March

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Bullock talked with Laurel High School students about what he calls Montana's invisible epidemic — prescription drug abuse. Fifteen empty Montana Rail Link (MRL) cars derailed and nine of them tipped over at about 7 … After finding no signs of foul …
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