Substance Abuse : How to Spot Signs of Cocaine Use


Substance Abuse : How to Spot Signs of Cocaine Use – Signs of cocaine use include frequent sniffing, runny noses, frequent nose bleeds, bloodshot eyes, sweating, rapid speaking and changes in eating behaviors. Find out why noticeable weight loss may be a sign of cocaine use with help from an addiction specialist in this free video on substance abuse. Expert: Dr. Kim Makoi Bio: Dr. Kim Makoi has been a chiropractor in San Francisco for more than 11 years. He is also an addiction specialist. Filmmaker: Sam Lee


Attacker knocks out woman, steals 0

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Gant told Moore she'd had a substance abuse problem in the past and said, "I have a good job, a home, I just don't want to lose that." She was accused of stealing a bracelet, earring set and fashion accessories by Walmart security. Charges of …
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Leave Before He Kills You

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“You can draw a straight line from the boarding schools to alcohol abuse, substance abuse, exploitation of children and violence against women in the Indian community,” Kevin Gover (Pawnee), the director of the National Museum of the American Indian …
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2012 Year in Review – March

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Bullock talked with Laurel High School students about what he calls Montana's invisible epidemic — prescription drug abuse. Fifteen empty Montana Rail Link (MRL) cars derailed and nine of them tipped over at about 7 … After finding no signs of foul …
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24 Responses to Substance Abuse : How to Spot Signs of Cocaine Use

  • Rahul Wagh says:

    These are the Normal symptoms which I have but I not even ever tried a? piece of cigarette lol

  • Chase Zieglar says:

    Think I’ll listen to? a REAL doctor instead

  • slimmmthug says:

    i moved states and i am so far 1 month clean 😀 well? i smoke weed but no more coke

  • mykael75 says:

    1st hand knowledge allows me certain insight, combined with common sense, i took this “doctor” at face value…but assigning theft to “medical” indicators/symptoms of drug abuse?nah you lost me bro….that’s like saying “you have a shopping cart, you must do heroin”… making your title “how to spot signs of cocaine use” with your retarded nephew wearing a? lab coat, is the epitome of what youtube needs less of

  • Alex Fiala says:

    A close family member does this shit and I can barely tolerate being around him.

    Get? help.

  • messy24jessy says:

    Love me my white girl? 3,

  • slimmmthug says:

    then again when i do coke i feel less bummed out but atleast im not liike a? tweeker with it you know how people get all excited when it shows up? like they will be like :0 look at that rock :0 dude thats like 4 fat rails for all 4 of us :0 and wanting to snow cap bol after bowl after bowl …… thats how you point out the crack heads lol iv never ben like OMG! so lets just keep it real, legalize bud and smoke weed much better high “worth the money” and you dont look like a crack head not 1 con

  • slimmmthug says:

    white girl…yeah i dont think im gonna do that anymore :/?

  • Sean Radcliffe says:

    yep, it’s a suffix. it means? “knowledge in/the study of” :]

  • highnote32 says:

    WHITNEY HOUSTON, (1963-2012), showed each and everyone of those signs. She was on cocaine during her Nothing But Love World Tour 2009-2010 which is why she was sweating a lot, took breaks to towel? herself down and drink water and was hoarse and unable to reach the high notes. It will teach some of y’all a lesson….SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!!!!!

  • padstar999 says:

    an addictionologist? Can you add any? word to ologist?

  • MrNativedude says:

    @JMH if your doing coke to lose weight!??
    You have the wrong game plan? Dude.
    Before you know it you’ll be stealing to get it and doing it every day.

  • MrNativedude says:

    @ATY9 I had a bad addiction myself. Then I just stopped just like that.
    I have been doing coke for 10 years the last 3 years was the worst for me I was up to
    $500 a week. To stop you have to have a good girl to help you also Pray for strength and will power and get rid of your bad friends.? You’ll be ok. Pot helps too.

  • ATY9Productions says:

    i’ve been addicted to coke for years. I just can’t stop consuming it. There have been interventions and rehab visits. I mean, it even got to the point? where I use it out of glass bottles. I’ve even switched over to diet/ caffeine free, to slowly ween myself off. Just talking about it is reminding me of those little fizzy bubbles…

  • ferrthepeace says:

    Cocaine showers.?

  • subie1987 says:

    doc got paid by gov to make? this great speech…so they can make money lolol

  • KedViper says:

    Did anyone else see the depressing ad? with the little girl who had cancer?

  • jmh40831 says:

    I’m guessing u smoke all day just to get? burnt out to fall asleep huh

  • mostliberal says:

    I spend 70-140 dollars a week on weed. When I don’t, I throw up and stay up for up to 2 days, regardless of how many downers I take, and even if I take? combinations of downers, I don’t sleep.

  • freckle facci says:

    Coke users? are Morons! Pepsi users are nice people!

  • jmh40831 says:

    I havent lost? n e weight i still have a big apetite lol… I only use it on the weekends..buying gram or gram n half bags

  • hippie2152 says:

    I’m? the same way dude. Shit, I’m wired right now.

  • jmh40831 says:

    I first tried cocaine when i was only 14.. n used it once in while through out my teenage years… Once i hit 19 i? stoped for a lil longer than 2 years since i was into weight lifting n strict dieting.. i recently relapsed in july with small 20 dollar amounts every other week..than started doin it dvery week…now i buy gram bags just to sastify my needs.. spending about 50 to a 100 dollars a week on powder… N i hate to say it but i am officially hooked to cocaine..smh

  • xXleliixX says:

    Wow I get sweaty for
    No reason I sleep a lot I lost weight I sniffle and have a runny nose in the morning
    If you didn’t know me you would think I that I do drugs cocaine but I don’t I’m drug? free
    I do and have everything this guy just said except the stealing and the economic stuff
    And it’s true ppl that don’t know me think I do drugs
    But my friends know that I would never even attempt to cause I am so against the whole idea

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