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Had Experience With Rehab Aftercare, Like a Halfway House?

Question by Mardi: Had experience with rehab aftercare, like a halfway house?
My boyfriend of a couple years is currently at Second Nature Wilderness Therapy. He has been there for almost 10 weeks & wont be done until another couple weeks. He got caught stealing and tested positive on drug screen. He also failed out of school during this time & has a problem with lying. The Judge recommended some type of rehab and he voluntarily went. Anyways, I thought this was all about to be over, but he is now being sent to a halfway house (not sure which yet) directly after. I understand the reasoning for it, but Im just upset by it all.
I have been trying to research, but Im finding the same things. does anyone have experience with one or know someone? Any clue what time frame he will be there for? Will we even be able to communicate/visit with me? But more importantly, did it work?
Thanks so much

What Are 5 Major Problems That Jail Inmates Bring to the Instituition?

Question by Silver: what are 5 major problems that jail inmates bring to the instituition?
what can be done about them? what do you think might be alternatives to jail? which do you personally support and why?

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Answer by Erica
In New Hampshire according to the State prison’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year of 2005, the 5 top reasons for incarcerations were:

49.4% Parole and Probation Violations
9.9% Drug related charges
8.4% Sex Offense
6.8% Traffic Violations
5.4% Aggravated Assault

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers | Drug Rehabilitation Centers in San Diego


Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers | Drug Rehabilitation Centers in San Diego – http://alcoholrehabinsandiego.com Drug, alcohol, and prescription drugs addiction is treated at Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers’ residential facility in S…


Ranking Every Panthers Quarterback…Ever.

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Included in that list was, of course, Cam Newton, the Panthers' current QB and the face of the franchise. And while this has been a bizarre …. He was out of the league by 2003 and went into coaching, but was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in …
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Drug Rehabilitation Free?

Question by Samantha: Drug rehabilitation free?
I have a friend who is addicted to meth and may be pregnant. She wants to go to rehab to get rid of her addictions to meth, alcohol, and cigarettes. She doesn’t have a lot of money and doesn’t want to have to leave the state or her family. She lives in Oklahoma City and is trying for a free in house program. Does anyone know any good programs?

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Answer by girl66
Most places will accept anyone…

Good luck

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Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles, California?

Question by ADAMARIS B: Where can I find drug rehabs in Los Angeles, California?
My dad have been a drug user since I was 12. Am so sad that I can’t spend some time bonding with him because he’s always drugged. I want to help him so that our family will be whole again.

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Answer by anahi i
Don’t worry, you can easily find drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles. Aside from rehab centers, you can also find clinics and medical centers. Go to any counseling services in your area so that you will be informed about the treatments available. Good luck! And I hope your family supports your father so that he can recover fast.

How Will I Find Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Chula Vista, California?

Question by callista t: How will I find drug rehabilitation centers in Chula Vista, California?
It saddens me to see my son get involved in drugs. I never thought this would happen to him. He was always such a nice boy. But I guess even nice boys falter… and moms like me have to go find drug rehabs to get them back to normal again. Please help.

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