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Looking to Find in Fo Onsober Living Homes in MA or 1 Bedroom Sober Homes in Ma Have 3 Yrs Sobriety?

Question by nancyfgs: Looking to find in fo onsober living homes in MA or 1 bedroom sober homes in Ma Have 3 yrs sobriety?
price range, sobriety time for enterence, women homes age groups, how much independence

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Answer by ashleyligon1967
Liberty Ranch Drug Alcohol Dependency Massachusetts

After completing drug and alcohol detox, Massachusetts residents are encouraged to seek a sober living home. Sober living homes are critical to recovery from drug alcohol dependency. The Liberty Ranch sober living from Drug Alcohol Dependency fills the gap between a drug treatment center and returning home to Massachusetts. Liberty Ranch is a structured, safe environment rooted in the 12 step program, sponsorship, accountability, counseling and regular rap sessions with the onsite managers and peers.

What Should a Drug Rehab Program Possess?

Question by dominique w: What should a drug rehab program possess?
I’m looking for the tell-tale signs of a good rehab program since my father have decided to have an older brother undergo one. His life got all messed up when he found out that his gf for five years cheated her thrice. I wanna help my brother find a rehab that will take good care of him.

Please help.

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Christian Drug Rehab Program- a Life Free From Drug Addiction


Christian Drug Rehab Program- A Life Free From Drug Addiction – http://transformationstreatment.com/blog/ Drug Addiction can really take a strangle hold on your life. Your success, your hard work, everything you fought so…


Oklahoma puts priority on aiding kids taken from drug houses

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… where drugs were routinely used or sold. In 2011, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control launched an initiative to revive the state's priority on drug-endangered children after witnessing the rise in meth labs over the last …
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Have You Heard of Organized Stalking or Cause Stalking?

Question by : Have you heard of organized stalking or cause stalking?
It’s a recently documented phenomena, that is commonly used as a form of reprisal for whistleblowers or to terrorize people in minority groups, outspoken community members, ex spouses, etc.

It is exactly as frightening as it sounds. Groups of people stalking and harassing a single individual in a community, so pervasively that the targeted individual is driven to commit suicide, be institutionalized, and/or incarcerated.

Can you believe this is happening?
What could one person do to stop this?

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Alcohol Treatment Carrollton Call 972-375-9381 for Help Now TX


Alcohol Treatment Carrollton Call 972-375-9381 For Help Now TX – Alcohol Treatment Carrollton Call 972-375-9381 For Help Now For Help Now TX. If you are looking for Drug Detox Carrollton TX, Drug Treatment Carrollton TX, D…


Looking for a Inpatient Alcohol Program for People on Medi-Cal?

Question by bella: Looking for a inpatient alcohol program for people on medi-cal?
My son recieves a social security check and has med-cal insurance.We live in Fullerton Calif.

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Answer by stick man
I’m on the kansas version Medicaid. I have never used it though. Does his booklet that came with Medi-cal list the drug treatment programs? Or could his social security worker tell you who would take him for rehab? In the KS book there was a short list of who would treat drug/alcohol abuse.