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I Have a Heroin Addiction and I Do Not Want to Be Dependant on Medication, What Are My Options?

Question by Nain: I have a heroin addiction and I do not want to be dependant on medication, what are my options?

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Answer by Jonny
Check yourself into a center.

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Can Somebody Please Tell Me How to Find Drug Rehabs in Conroe, Texas?

Question by allana a: Can somebody please tell me how to find drug rehabs in Conroe, Texas?
I need to do this for a friend of mine who is asking for my help in getting himself treated for his heroin addiction.

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Answer by Geg
I would try A. A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) They would have literature and locations and times for N. A. (Narcotics Anonymous). Also check local churches because they are known to have meetings there. Hope this helps, and good luck. My wife is a recovering drug attic. I understand. In the source collumn is a list of Meetings in Conroe.

I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Alturas, California, but We’re Low on Cash. Help?

Question by annie e: I need to find drug rehabs in Alturas, California, but we’re low on cash. Help?
My husband got fired from his job because of his heroin addiction. I really want to get him into rehab, but the thing is, we can’t afford it. Thousands of dollars are a lot. I don’t know where I’m going to get this kind of money. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how I’m going to get my husband in a drug rehab?

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How Good Can Josh Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds Be?

Question by wrepete1951: How good can Josh Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds be?
He’s gotten off to a very good start despite missing the last three years due to a drug problem. To watch him, you’d swear he hasn’t missed a beat. I just fear that he will fall back on drugs again and blow it all. Remember, Steve Howe of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He never was able to beat it.

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What Do You Know About Chris Farley?

Question by rosesbloom7: What do you know about Chris Farley?

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Answer by satya
funny fat guy

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