Talking With Kids About Substance Abuse


Talking with Kids about Substance Abuse – Carmen emphasizes don’t wait for the perfect time to talk to your kids about drugs. She stresses any time is the right time. Some parents think they should wait until the time is right, the mood is right and it is the right setting. A good time would be in the car when you have their individual attention or when you see billboards or commercials on television. It is important you talk to them at their age level and you can start at any age. You wouldn’t talk to your 10 year old the way you would with a 16 year old, etc. If you just found out today it is important to talk to them, please talk to them today. Stress the importance that you are talking to them not because you believe it is happening, but because of your concern and love for your child and you want them to be able to accomplish their goals. Be honest with them, and you can discuss your own experience and that it is illegal and nothing good comes from it. A teenager may know more than you do, so be honest about your ignorance. This will help your child understand this is something important and you are talking from the heart. They don’t need to put up any defense because they don’t need to defend themselves and you are just having a conversation. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatriy, University of California San Diego. Dr. Pulido has been working in addictions research with youth for over 11 years. As a graduate student, at the San Diego State University/ UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical


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The university also is considering a ban on alcohol consumption in its dorms, even for students of legal drinking age. Work to combat heavy drinking and more potential tragedies also is under way in Portage County. … The Portage County Coalition for …
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