Teen Drug Abuse


Teen Drug Abuse – This is a public service announcement on teen drug abuse. Be aware of it and help the problem stop.


Treatment For Teen Drug Addicts

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Considering the fact that the school performance of the addict suffers, there will probably be much less chances of getting a great job later|Teenagers which are drug abused have bad overall performance at schools, which affects their future career}.
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Teen Smoking Keeps Falling – WSJ.com

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The annual report, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and conducted by the University of Michigan, found the number of teenagers who reported smoking cigarettes in the prior 30 days fell to 10.6% this year from 11.7% in 2011, the lowest …
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Rise in teen marijuana use stalls, use of synthetic marijuana and 'bath salts

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ANN ARBOR—National samples of 45,000 to 50,000 students in three grades (8, 10, and 12) have been surveyed every year since 1991 as part of the nationwide Monitoring the Future study. Among the most important findings from this year's survey of U.S. …
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24 Responses to Teen Drug Abuse

  • SK8ERX21 says:

    Its not tht? serious!!!!

  • zombies1238 says:


  • Intoactionrehab says:

    True.? Better yet don’t be tempted to try it. A lot has been said about its adverse effects.

  • k4nv3r says:

    shut up u fucking idiot if we choose to drink alcohol smoke cigarettes or marijuana its our choice and no dumb ass is gonna tell? me that this is erious

  • stoner kitten says:

    Lol no its not, im good with my? percos 😉

  • LadyMelody420 says:

    “Nearly ten percent of teens between the ages twelve and seventeen? have used illegal drugs.” Surely it’s more than that…

  • HOPESize says:

    srsly???? y would a? 12 yr old use illegeal drugs????

  • rajeeb34 says:

    ITS LIKE SAYING 50% of babies put grass and paint thinner in there mouths before age 2

  • MiBlazed says:

    Isnt it stuiped that we spend all this money throwing people in jail for drugs. When we could spend half that on rehab and mabey give them a? shoot a life. Not to mention all the money we would save not throwing people in jail. Look at spain they made all drugs a minor offense like jay walking and insteed of jail that money was spent on treatment. The rates droped and so did the rates of infections like AIDS its time we look at this backwards way of dealing with this problem

  • MiBlazed says:

    HAHAH it has no high to it at all i laughed? so hard when i saw that….

  • MiBlazed says:

    I got addict to presciptions drugs its nothing to fuck around with its way stronger then anything you get on the street…? If you just dipping your toes in its ok to mess around once and while but dont be surprised if next thing you know your addicted

  • 412SmokinGood420 says:

    Okay this video is obviously bullshit, it says nealy 10 percent of? teens used illegal drugs then it says that 75% of teens said they tried drugs such as meth. And, i only know of 1 person in my school that did meth and the others just smoke pot. Almost no one does meth.

  • Lukash9494 says:

    Drugs are bad…mkay
    you shouldn’t? do drugs
    cuz drugs are bad mkay.

  • referew says:

    coke is 50$ 60$ at most and i get? chi cut!

  • wendyspwnsu says:



  • Opste says:

    :47 umm thats amoxicillin not a controlled? substance lol

  • FocusOnGreat says:

    Isn’t it ridiculous that we’re more concerned about the economy than we are about the fact that our kids are doing drugs?? The supply of drugs is actually REALLY high? in the area that I live; and the youth are having no problems getting a hold of these drugs… Shouldn’t we be more concerned with the fact that kids are doing drugs in the first place than what the cost of the average gram of cocaine is??? Please comment and share…

  • smdpleaseful says:

    good thing i have my cannabis card? at a “teen” age

  • SexyBoot1989 says:

    the facts presented in this video are highly questionable… 75% of teens tried drugs before age 15? maybe if you said? 7.5% i’d believe it…..

  • nikamydog says:

    i get an ounce of sum pure coke for a stack 140 a? gram my ass

  • remsensor says:

    You dont know me so please shut the fuck up. How am I trying to act hardcore on youtube by telling a story about what happened with me? I didnt think it was hardcore but apparently you do seeing as your the one that is going around youtube talking shit to random people over a computer. Lol your probably some fourteen year old bitch? that has low self esteem.

  • Cubicle0 says:

    It’s not worth it. Sometimes it feels incredible (depending on the drug, dose, and mood), but the negative side effects are usually worse. Also, don’t buy into what the hippies say, pot and psychedelics are not good for you. They weren’t good for me or any of my friends. Plus, there are tens of thousands of drugs, and? lots of kinds of drugs that feel very different from each other. Does it mean you have to try each of them? Trying one drug is not the same as trying drugs.

  • Cubicle0 says:

    chill out you fucking dumb piece of shit!!!?

  • Peter10069100 says:

    biggest load of shit, your just a little bitch pussy trying to act hardcore on youtube. You clearly dont know shit and belong in the lower socioeconomic class with the rest of the filth you cunt?

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