Teenage Drug Abuse?

Question by JoJo_90: teenage drug abuse?
I’m having trouble finding info on teenage drug abuse in other countries such as Japan, China, Spain. If not, another country.
And also what they do to stop it.
(just not the US)
A website would be helpful

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Answer by Steve B
I am going to give you an answer that you will not believe. All I ask is that you type in any search engine the name of the drug I am going to tell you about. I can tell you with firsthand knowledge how we can win the war on drugs by giving those addicted souls a chance to get clean without suffering any or very little withdrawal. You may or may not know that the reason most people fail to be able to stop hard drugs like Heroin or prescription narcotic pain relievers is the sickness and pain of withdrawal. This drug is called Ibogaine. It is banned in only three countries and unfortunatly the USA is one of those countries that has chosen to ban a drug that has the ability to help so many lost souls. This medicine plugs up all of the opioid receptors for a period of 3 to 8 weeks. During that time the person needs to get deeply involved with a support group of some sort.
I won’t go into the details here as you will find everything you want to know by just typing “Ibogaine” into a search engine.
I am proof that a person who like myself have taken heavey doses of the strongest narcotic pain relievers as well as other narcotic substances with the injestion of this drug ONE time (some people need a booster ) and 36 hours after a experience of a lifetime, having had NO withdrawal symptoms (a lot of pain as I have severe nerve damage) I was drug free and if anyone had told me that it was possible I would have told them that they were nuts. Again I am proof that this drug works and what a shame that so VERY few people have heard of it. I would be happy to discuss this further with ANYONE that would like to know more. BTW I make no money off of the sale of this medicine as I live in the United States it is illigal to even have it. There are clinics in Mexico, South Africa, Cannada, St Kitts. The prices range from $ 2k to $ 8K

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