Waste and Abuse: The Refuse of the Federal Spending Binge (Part 2 of 2)


Waste And Abuse: The Refuse Of The Federal Spending Binge (Part 2 of 2) – Waste And Abuse: The Refuse Of The Federal Spending Binge (Part 2 of 2) – House Oversight Committee – HVC 210 – 2011-02-17 – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Thursday’s hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, entitled “Waste and Abuse: The Refuse of the Federal Spending Binge,” comes during the very week that President Obama presented a .73 trillion budget request to Congress that requires a record .65 trillion in deficit spending, pushes the national debt to surpass GDP for the first time since World War II, and uses budget gimmicks to hide wasteful discretionary spending. Video provided by US House of Representatives.


Comment: Politicians don't have the guts to support us in public

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Big Lottery Fund: Big Support sets drug users on road to recovery. A London project that supports people in recovery after undergoing substance misuse treatment is one of seven projects in the capital receiving Lottery good cause funding this month.
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Cardio Notes: Stroke Tied to Drug Abuse

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An increase in stroke in the young parallels an increase in substance abuse, particularly cocaine and marijuana, according to a study of records from the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. The number of strokes in those ages 18 to 54 …
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18 Responses to Waste and Abuse: The Refuse of the Federal Spending Binge (Part 2 of 2)

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  • gainpower7 says:

    no one going? to wath that crap

  • nosectm1 says:

    bling blong?

  • prhousebuyers says:

    The United States is in Debt with the Federal Reserve which is? a private banking institute

  • tehdouglas1 says:

    These monkeys in suits? in an empty hall are a large part of why this country will fail

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  • ivylessette02 says:

    @FIashR its people like you that make this country [email protected]! having? no patience and understanding of importance in this matter

  • FIashR says:

    Did someone? actually watch the whole thing??

  • Kate Glenn says:

    , LMAO, good question….did you watch the whole thing? Are you ready for a game called ‘Survivors of America’ where the watch dog/little people quietly get the betters of the Frauds and Crooks? We could make them Public Citizens Against? America and bitch slap them all!

  • Kate Glenn says:

    , you said a mouthful! Yes the are the Galiath’s of our time and we get to be the rocks that bring these crooks down! Stay the course, stay engaged and tell your friends to chat it up! This video gives us solutions to support real change. I want our purse strings tighten when it comes to Congressional spending. I don’ t Tardo’s? should be given an open check book ever again!

  • Kate Glenn says:

    , get the ‘dumb bells’ out and start lifting, separating and supporting ‘fiscal well being’. I don’t know about you but learning the Fraud and Abuse of Medicare fires me up to address ‘service cuts’ on the elderly. Clean up the supply chain of ‘providers’ and take good? care of Grandma!!

  • Kate Glenn says:

    I watched this, took notes and commend all those that took the time to really listen to the options presented herein to address the Waste, Fraud and Abuse of Funds!! I’d like to see network media present this data regularly to keep? the attention on the congress to follow through on the suggestions presented that are all ‘doable’ for accountability.

  • pats4lifebb says:

    me too?

  • aberstef says:

    Thumbs up if you watched the whole thing!? 😉

  • dannnn94 says:

    Why did I click on? this?

  • wilson883 says:

    How did I get here from? Whiteboy?????

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