What Are Some Needs/shortfalls in Drug Addiction Rehab or Supervised Injection Sites?

Question by smallbewbsftw: What are some needs/shortfalls in drug addiction rehab or supervised injection sites?
this is for a school project and our group wants to perhaps raise money for what is really lacking in the centres that assist drug addicts
but we dont even know what is most needed, and i cant find any site that really tells yuu this
were not sure if were going to fundraise, and if we do would the money be for rehab or injection sites or whatever helps drug addiction
but we could really use the info first, and i might just personally go to one myself to see

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Answer by TJ
You really have to check out this website….. I saw this place on MTV They did a rehab show at one of there centers. I really thought it was cool DJ am did the show there and this place is really cool.

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