What Are Some Ways Society Can Prevent Drug Abuse?

Question by nycaypeh: What are some ways society can prevent drug abuse?
What are some ways society can prevent drug abuse among teens, and adults? How can we enforce laws to make sure that people stay away from drugs, and stay healthy? Any any answer will be appreciated.

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Answer by crazycolt1
One thing could be a 20 year mandatory sentence for drug dealing. 2nd offence the death penalty. No more plea bargains.

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The Truth About Drugs, Teen Alcohol & Drug Abuse – A message from the Foundation For A Drug Free America. Statistics are staggering regarding teens and drug use. If you are struggling with the peer pressure to use drugs or are concerned for a friend… reach out to us. We want to help. High Impact Teens: www.highimpactteens.org


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  • Jack Kevorkian says:

    Crazycol got it. 10 points deserved.

  • Logan says:

    More laws will just make people mad. Police will look for any excuse to make their arrest quota sometimes, and more strict drug laws will only give them a tighter grip on our rights. For instance, let’s say you have a friend in the car, and you have no idea that he has pot on him. It’s about half a gram, which in my city was semi-recently reconsidered to be a misdemeanor charge that can easily get wiped off of your record. In this scenario, he drops it in your car under the seat, and then neglects to tell you because it’s practically nothing and he figures you’ll think it’s trash. So right after you drop him off, a cop pulls you over because your left brake light is out, decides to search the car and finds it. Congratulations, you’re now a felon. Besides, you can’t prevent drug usage by making something more illegal. You’ll just create more criminals out of people who don’t understand why their government is coming down on them. More people will be put in more dangerous situations, and we’re looking at several more murders, muggings, and rapes as college kids go into worse and worse neighborhoods to buy a dimebag, which will just be a nickelbag after supply and demand causes inflation.

    Want to deter people from drugs? Make more jobs and less laws, and you’ll get less depressed people whose only method of making enough money to survive is selling drugs. And people who aren’t depressed will lead healthier lives.

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