What Are Ways to Break the Carb/sugar Addiction in Less Than a Week?

Question by Lollipop: What are ways to break the carb/sugar addiction in less than a week?
I know that I need healthy carbs..but I have become ADDICTED to white rice and breads..I eat them WAY too much. My moods seem to be less stable when I consume this and I also gain weight easier…actually..a lot easier. I never had a sweet tooth either..and NEVER liked rice or potatoes at all really..I didn’t hate them..but that changed when I came to NYC..it is a carb/sugar infested city! It’s so bad…I eat it purely because I am an addict now. How do I break this habit in less than a week?
I am afraid if I don’t do something now, I will become diabetic…it runs in my family :-/

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Answer by HuDsOn
stop eating them lol

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