What Effect Does Alcohol and Drug Abuse Have on Teenagers?

Question by : What effect does alcohol and drug abuse have on teenagers?
Consider the ways that alcohol and other drugs abuse affect the teenagers

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basically drop in school performances, grades, and unable to pay attention to certain matters, or think rationally….

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Marijuana Legalization: Opponents Regroup Following Washington, Colorado

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Sharon Levy, chairwoman of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on substance abuse, said she joined the Project SAM board because "we're losing the public health battle" and policy is being made by legalization advocates who might be …
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Protective Communities May Reduce Risk of Drinking in Teens

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… Risk of Drinking in Teens. Jan. 9, 2013 — Living in a caring community may help curb teenage alcohol use, while hanging out with antisocial peers can have the opposite effect, according to Penn State researchers studying substance abuse patterns.
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Drug abuse prevention program to be held at Pine Island school

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Comella said the youngsters and teens will participate in the Night Vision Prevention Program, which is offered by the Florida National Guard Counterdrug Program and presented by Staff Sgt. Jorge Garcia. She said he will address alcohol, tobacco …
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