What Is DMT?


What is DMT? – facebook.com What is DMT? A drug produced naturally in the pineal gland and found in plants. It is nicknamed, the spirit molecule, due to its hallucinogenic properties associated with near death experiences. Visit an addiction treatment center for the treatment of drug addiction. Comments on this video are welcome.


Portland Clinic Helps Addicts

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Her mom went through addiction treatment here in the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) of the Northwest's residential center. Now Scott works for NARA, … Both grew up in families rattled by drugs and alcohol. Cunningham's mother …
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We must reach out to at-risk kids

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Less than 50 percent of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities graduate from high school, and these students are twice as likely as students with other types of disabilities to live in a halfway house, drug treatment center, or on the …
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21 Responses to What Is DMT?

  • CookieJustice69 says:

    let ask you? a qustion OP if somebody told all that to you back the would it make any diferenc?

  • Shaun Gawler says:

    Well I guess this guy had a bad experience with dmt, most people have reported it to be a good thing, I had good experiences? with it during rem sleep

  • Morningglory Seed says:

    There is nothing dangerous about DMT other than what is in your own mind. Not saying the experience cannot be traumatic, not denying it can cannot exacerbate psychosis…but DMT in and of itself is harmless? and it is only going to ’cause’ psychosis if you are predisposed to it.

  • PaparoniFilms says:

    I don’t understand persecution of DMT. Seeing how its unrealistically feasible to get for every day consumption and people aren’t even interested in doing this recreationally. Perhaps DMT and other similar psychedelics provide a deeper look into the mind and thus provide a more full understanding of spirituality. Why is it tossed aside as a bogus spiritual tool? And yet? a book is?

  • PaparoniFilms says:

    Yet the? Universe is inside.

  • johnnys2121 says:

    “you? know”…

  • adam Kuscik says:

    and You have no idea what is dmt. And Ayahuasca is not dmt. And dmt is not dengerous at all. If you think, that the fear of Ego loosing control, You just have no idea of what is it all about. And y
    then, one day you will die, and then, the only fear will have no choice but let go away, and then you will realize of what you are. My first 50 dmt experiences was? only about unimaginal fear. But now I know, were the fear is coming from, and I do not feel any fear anymore.

  • adam Kuscik says:

    no.? your playground is outside

  • adam Kuscik says:

    Please. Do it 300 good times first, even the first 100 of them you will get scared. And then make another video. Please. Or say, that you have smoked dmt for 500 times, and now you know that yoga is more right to do… You see. In my opinion you have no idea of what you are, after your Ego. Respect? for the video. Good for those who want to do dmt for halucinations.

  • TheYoungToker1 says:

    this guy? has got to be kidding. he must be an actor for him to have tryed ‘every drug in the book’. he is always looking like a junkie and speaks in that lame ass voice.

  • SexIsNotForKids says:

    Great? video.

  • patrickmoreorless says:

    Perhaps you’re not psychotic, because, as Joe Rogan said, this drug will make you sane. ?

  • dereileak says:

    if what this guy is saying is true, which sounds a bit false, the true question to ask is what is sane and insane, what is normal or crazy, perhaps all these people who abuse nature, use the earth for there own gain of wealth in this made up system are really the people that are insane and crazy to this whole world, they have no understanding of what life really is? about, dmt is not addictive, and a bad trip will keep you away from it for awhile, but it teaches you so much, this guy is a hoax

  • Maromo Guay says:

    even alcohol? can give you psychosis

  • MrSaka420 says:

    dude i bet this dude never done DMT before, hes prolly just hired by the government to put out propaganda on shit he clearly knows nothing about. like how in the actual fuck are you gonna admit that it produces in the brain then say oh heres a link drug addiction help?? fuckin is this dumbass serious????????????? DMT cures drug addictions. this dude is a dumbass and i would love a chance to beat his ass for the hell? of all of the propaganda he is putting out here on youtube

  • iMaFUkkinRiDER says:

    Scare tactic bullshit… DMT doesn’t make you go crazy, you? probably had problems way before your “dmt experience”. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with dmt, and no this shit isnt for recreational purposes, if you’re looking to just get “fucked up bro” , then your in the wrong place. This is a very spiritual experience that has helped alot of people. To make it sound like it will make you go nuts is just absurd man :/

  • Crispy Albino says:

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Dmt is released into your brain naturally every night during rem sleep. This guy either took something that he thought was dmt and obviously was something far different or else he is lying. They call dmt the spirit molecule for good reason. It is not bad for you, it is not addictive, there are no known long term? effects of dmt use, and it is present in all living things on this planet. Your brain releases it when you are born, when you die, and dur

  • WEAREONE37 says:


  • vinceg8gxpreilly says:

    You know ….?

  • kalagan says:

    Hi, I knew about its presence in other part of the body, but which scientific evidence suggests it isn’t produced in? the pineal gland? Do you have a link? Seems like the best candidate for the production of DMT in our body, it has what’s required to produce? it some after all

  • scottbrodiebam says:

    This is? the first negative dmt storey Iv found on YouTube, I know that things could get scary on dmt like it could go both ways but I don’t think I would want to do it every day?

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