What Is DMT?


What is DMT? – facebook.com What is DMT? A drug produced naturally in the pineal gland and found in plants. It is nicknamed, the spirit molecule, due to its hallucinogenic properties associated with near death experiences. Visit an addiction treatment center for the treatment of drug addiction. Comments on this video are welcome.


Portland Clinic Helps Addicts

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Her mom went through addiction treatment here in the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) of the Northwest's residential center. Now Scott works for NARA, … Both grew up in families rattled by drugs and alcohol. Cunningham's mother …
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We must reach out to at-risk kids

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Less than 50 percent of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities graduate from high school, and these students are twice as likely as students with other types of disabilities to live in a halfway house, drug treatment center, or on the …
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