What Is the History of Drug Rehab?

Question by lemonlime006: What is the history of drug rehab?

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uhhhhh not good

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TESTOSTERONE ENHANCEMENT THERAPY and ALCOHOL or OPIATE DETOXIFICATION – www.NewBeginningsDetox.com 877-DETOX88 Although it’s normal for testosterone levels to drop as men age, low testosterone can affect a man’s health. Testosterone levels decline steadily after age 40. The decline is relatively small, at an average rate of about 1% to 2% percent per year. The overwhelming majority of research conducted in the past 25 years in both animals and humans has found that alcohol and opiates inhibits testosterone secretion. Generally speaking the excessive use of Drugs & Medications can reduce the levels of testosterone. However, the use of Opiates, painkillers and Alcohol seem to have the greatest effect of all substances. The repeated use and abuse of these substances can substantially reduce the testosterone levels. Chronic log term use can leave individuals depleted.


Fond farewell to Dennis Marion as he steps down after 31 years with

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“At age 26, he was the youngest person ever hired to lead county drug and alcohol services — a record that still holds.” Marion. Marion framed his entry into county government differently. … The Drug and Alcohol Commission proposed placing “Student …
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Marijuana link to lower IQ is disputed

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Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, said observational studies of people like the Duke work can't definitively demonstrate that marijuana causes irreversible effects on the brain. In an email, she said Rogeberg's paper …
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