When People Claim That Government-Run Health Care Will Tell You What Doctors You Can Visit for Free…?

Question by N.A.L.T. Christian: When people claim that government-run health care will tell you what doctors you can visit for free…?
Why don’t they also mention that insurance companies do the same exact thing? My insurance company has a book of doctors I can see that they will cover, if I see other doctors, i have to pay full price.

On that same topic:

When they claim that universal health care will be expensive, why not mention that the US pays more per capita for health care than anyone with UHC?

When they claim that the US has the best health care in the world, why not mention that that only applies to those that can afford it? For everyone else, they only get emergency room visits, which is pretty poor care, considering it is usually too late to cure most easily preventable diseases.

When they claim it will be rationed, why not mention it already IS! Poor people are denied health care so we can get it. The only difference is, under UHC, the poor are subject to the same rationing as the rich. Oh, no!

When they claim it will lower the quality of US health care, why not mention that all countries with UHC have a higher life expectancy rate than the US? Sure, health care itself is a factor, but doctor’s visits are too. Poor people in the US cannot see a doctor, and therefore can not be given advice on how to live healthier and longer.

When they mention that they will lose their “choice” in health care matters, why not also mention that in EVERY country with UHC, you can still opt to buy private insurance instead?

Does that eliminate all the straw an agruments for UHC? What else is left? That our tax dollars will pay for poor people’s health care, like we pay for their education, fire and police protection. Do we really want to stuff our wallets so bad that we are willing do let people die because of it? Shame on us. I thought we called ourselves a Christian nation.

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Answer by Liberal Asskicker
When insurance companies do exactly the same thing, why are you stupid enough to support the government doing it?

Did Obama run on a platform of “change” or “same corruption, different corruptor”?

Is there a single politician on the right or left who has the horsepower to do something meaningful with healthcare instead of just the same ole’ voter bribery on the left and apathy on the right?

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