Where Are the Best Cities for Homeless People?

Question by Re: Where are the best cities for homeless people?
I’m looking where to go.

Best answer:

Answer by Heather
Beverly hills! Like on the Simpsons!!

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Local officials review emergency plans, brace for student questions

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The Newtown tragedy hits a particular nerve with Young, who was a SWAT team member in San Diego for more than a decade prior to moving to Maine. In March 2001, his team responded to two "active shooter" incidents — at Santana Hills High School and …
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Letters: Connecticut shooting

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Perhaps training and arming certain key school personnel would discourage or lessen the tragic, heartbreaking carnage occurring in our schools – Rilla Ferguson, San Diego. In response to Raymond Schwartz, who wrote “The NRA wants us all to have a gun …
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Prison to work program celebrates one year

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SAN DIEGO – A new program that helps prisoners transition into society by helping them get jobs celebrated it's one year anniversary Wednesday. … Giving inmates the tools to get back into society with housing, a job and if they need it drug treatment.
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