Who Is Heather Dylan?

Question by Katya A: Who is Heather Dylan?
I know she is Jakob Dylans kid but they keep everything so damn private I cant find any information on her

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Early Life and Family
Born Heather Mae Lahey on June 13, 1990 in Johannesburg, South Africa is the adopted daughter of Jakob Dylan and Nicole Paige Denny (now former actress, Paige Dylan). Dylan was granted sole custody of Heather in 1999, when she was just 9 years old. Her name was promptly and legally changed to Heather Amor Dylan in 2000. Heather’s first language is Afrikaans, English is her second she is also semi-fluent in Bali. Her birth parents are Richard Lahey, a real estate broker and her birth mother Corine Lahey, is the manager of the Westcliff Hotel in Johannesburg. She had one sister, Nicole Lahey and is a fraternal twin to a brother Broden Lahey who died at the age of 4 due to heart complications. Ironically, her parents thought since they can not raise the twins together, that they didn’t want Heather. Mr. Dylan became aware of the situation and took care of her until legal paperwork was filed. Aside from her birth family, she has four brothers but is the oldest. She currently resides at her family’s home in Pennsylvania and often travels back and forth to her TriBeCa apartment in New York City. Heather is known for being a relatively private person. She does not like to be in the public eye or having media attention. This could very well be the reason she lives in Pennsylvania. Her birth parents frequently visit her in her PA home.During the summer of ’06 they paid a visit to her home in Pennsylvania. Her family (i.e. birth parents, and sister) were staying with her Dylan’s birth sister, Nicole was killed in July of 2006. Nicole was stabbed in the lower neck by her fiancee for reasons unknown.

Heather attended the American International School of Johannesburg through elementary school. Later, when she became a citizen of the United States, she was enrolled in Brentwood School located in Los Angeles County for three years. Afterwards, she would transfer to The Meadow Lodge Day Treatment Center in Northern California as an impatient. The media assumed there was an ongoing drug related problem Heather was battling, but not so according to her parents. One month after their daughter was admitted in the program, they released a joint-statement to the press: “As parents of a truant child, we have come to the conclusion of enrolling our daughter into a more promising program. We can deny any assumptions of an existing drug or alcohol problem.We simply want Heather to attend school and get the most out of this experience.” Although the Meadow Lodge is known for treating substance abuse problems, the family supposedly arranged that Heather would live on the campus grounds and therefore being ‘forced’ to attend classes. She stayed at Meadow for a year, and after that tried homeschooling. This approach seemed to be the answer because she graduated when she was 15. At age 16, Dylan attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. She bought an apartment and graduated from the program which had a duration of 4 months.

Car Accident
Heather was involved in a life-threatening car accident on March 11, 2006 in Hershey,Pennsylvania. She and a friend were traveling to a nearby venue while traveling on Interstate 83. While a Tractor Trailer driver was under the influence and cut in front of their car. This lead to Heather’s car smashed and literally crushed against a concrete side barrier. The two were hospitalized, the friend was only admitted for 3 days. However, Heather was in the ICU for nearly 2 months. At first, it was reported that she had minimal chance of survival and that she was on life support. In need of emergency surgery because of a crushed spine, she had metal screws and plates inserted into her spine. According to a close family friend, Heather needed physical therapy for about a year and a half following.

Music Career
Following in her father’s footsteps, Heather writes and produces music in her home studio in Pennsylvania.

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