Who’s Fighting Marijuana Legalization in Colorado?


Who’s Fighting Marijuana Legalization In Colorado? – “Marijuana legalization would harm kids, says Smart Colorado, a group advertising stock images of children along with messages asking for voters to reject Amendment 64, a ballot initiative this year to legalize and tax pot. Smart Colorado, led former Republican senate candidate Ken Buck and a team of Republican lobbyists and campaign operatives, hopes to drive down the popularity of Amendment 64 before Election Day. The supposedly family-friendly group, however, relies heavily on funds from a pair of controversial Republican fundraisers who once led a drug rehab center shut down over wide-ranging child abuse scandals. Save Our Society from Drugs, a Florida-based nonprofit founded by Mel and Betty Sembler, has given Smart Colorado contributions totaling 1497 through September, according to The Nation’s review of state finance disclosures. That’s 95 percent of the money raised by the group so far…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. *Read more here from Lee Fang in The Nation: www.thenation.com Support The Young Turks by Subscribing bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: www.fb.com Follow Us on Twitter: bit.ly Buy TYT Merch: theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com


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24 Responses to Who’s Fighting Marijuana Legalization in Colorado?

  • shepper1080 says:

    gov? are gay kill babylone legalise it and shutup puppets

  • Malta Velez says:

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  • firsthandler says:

    I stopped drinking alcohol two years? ago. But NOW! I smoke weed like a SON OF A BITCH. Which one is the gateway drug? or is their such a thing as Gateway drug?

  • christo930 says:

    Did you bother watching any of the videos? Let me ask you, are you dogmatic about this, as in nothing will ever change your mind regardless of the evidence? I am not asking to be a smart ass, just some people have? dogmatic views about certain subjects.

  • dbarrry3 says:

    that generation needs to? die….

  • SuperChaddly says:

    have u ever been in a situation where you have people living off you that treat you like your shit and you are the only? one who has a job? until you do, you have no idea how much I hate stoners.

  • Scott Vogler says:

    Cenk, this is? the best video of yours I’ve ever seen.


  • vokills420 says:

    lazy people really hurt your feelings that bad? i don’t know about you but i’d rather a bunch of people that smoke too much pot around me instead of what? i got, a bunch of alcoholics around me. potheads you at least they’re not unpredictable and that it’s not gonna be violent. i’d trade you living experiences in a fucken heartbeat. frankly it sounds like you’re kind of a pussy if that thing bothered you that much.

  • Steven Mangram says:

    And i don’t drink alcohol any more, so? i see some major health benifits to blazing up a stick every now and again, the key is moderation.

  • Steven Mangram says:

    I just love the way non participants seem to try to take the high road (no pun intended) when it comes to the issue of canibis. In my younger days I smoked pot daily. I went to work, paid off my house and raised my family. I put my pot smoking on pause not because of some crack pot commercial, but because the powers that be made it impossible to keep my job and still smoke. Now that I own my own company, I? blaze every now and again. My asthma is gone again, and i have stopped smoking ciggs again

  • SuperChaddly says:

    It just doesnt bennefit me.. i can only see it being neagative for me, I will have to deal with more of what ive? already gone through. Ive honestly never met a “responsible” smoker… im not sure if there is such a thing.

  • PrettyCoolBastard says:

    It sounds like you’ve obviously only had bad experiences with marijuana, that’s unfortunate. But, you shouldn’t be worrying about how others live their lives,? worry more on what you’re doing and try to better these lazy friends of yours. Don’t try to change people, as well. Most people wont change themselves to please you.

  • SuperChaddly says:

    I just have a major concern with all children becoming burnouts and failing at life. I never saw pot as a good thing, even in college it annoyed me.. im 24 and I cannot stand my stoner friends, ive had bad experiences with them such as having to work and do everything while they would just smoke weed play games and eat and sleep… it makes people non productive… and? it really hurt my feelings having them smoke it when they knew I didnt appreciate it.. but they didnt care..

  • PrettyCoolBastard says:

    And with Amendment 64, marijuana? would not be legal for children, either. It’s the same as alcohol, you have to be the age of 21 to purchase it legally.

  • anyrock22 says:

    Alcohol is much worse then marijuana besides marijuana is not legal for kids you should complain about alcohol not pot.?

  • SuperChaddly says:

    but those are not legal for? children though, we still have restrictions against kids buying them etc.

  • SuperChaddly says:

    that? makes no sense.sorry

  • christo930 says:

    If you support prohibition, then you support children using drugs, selling drugs (and? who do you think they sell to?), drug cartels, gangs and terrorists.

  • artificialplanet says:

    This is sad, hopefully one day the use of marijuana will? be a non issue

  • PrettyCoolBastard says:

    All these people? saying they don’t want their children being around drugs, open your eyes. Your children have been around drugs before Amendment 64. Alcohol, tobacco, and the most dangerous, prescription drugs. All these being MUCH more dangerous to your children’s health. But, I can understand you not wanting your kids being around MORE drugs. That’s understandable.

  • SuperChaddly says:

    I support it and its not for financial gain.. its for the safety of my children and anyone elses. Im not selfish on the issue, I dont think of drug users who want freedom , I think of people who might not want to be around it… or shouldnt? be around it.. like kids

  • christo930 says:

    The list of people supporting prohibition for their own personal financial gain? is long and certainly couldn’t be reduced to a YT comment.

  • christo930 says:

    Whole words are often missing from my posts. Sometimes they are written late at night and other times I fail to double check them. But? yes, I see the mistake.

  • christo930 says:

    The legalization of drugs will most likely reduce the number of children both? using and selling drugs.

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