Why Does NIDA Support Research Into Drug Abuse Treatment as HIV Prevention?


Why does NIDA support research into drug abuse treatment as HIV prevention? – This video can also be viewed at: www.drugabuse.gov Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: newmedia.hhs.gov


Drug workshop in Montclair to sound an alarm

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A 2010 study of drug use by teens funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse indicates that more than 27 percent of 10th grade students have used marijuana at least once in the year prior to the survey. The results were even more alarming for …
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Russians turn to Alcoholics Anonymous in battle of bottle

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Yet more than 20 years later, Russia has just 400 AA groups with 10,000 members – a tiny number for a population of 143 million where alcohol abuse and its social effects are a national scourge. "The AA groups do not have much success in Russia, while …
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