Will the Treatment Ted Kennedy Gets Be Available to You and I?

Question by Obama – Wimp in the White House: Will the treatment Ted Kennedy gets be available to you and I?
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The quality medical care Ted Kennedy quickly received after his brain cancer diagnosis would not be available to Americans if the U.S. adopted the healthcare policies advocated by the Massachusetts Senator and other liberals, an expert opines.

One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.

He will take the chemotherapy drug Temodar and receive radiation treatments, according to Robert M. Goldberg, vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

“Of course, with his wealth and power, Kennedy would get good treatment anywhere,” Goldberg writes in an opinion piece published in the New York Post. “But the same care is available to every American.

“Not so — if we make the health ‘reforms’ called for by Kennedy and other liberals.”

Those reforms would include universal healthcare coverage, and countries with such a policy “always wind up cutting corners simply to save money,” Goldberg observes. “People with Kennedy’s condition are dying or dead as a result.”

The expert cites the example of a 22-year-old woman in England — which has universal coverage — who complained of headaches for months, but had to wait a year to see a neurologist.

She then had to wait more than three months to get what Britain’s National Health Service decided was only a “relatively urgent” MRI scan.

Three days before the MRI appointment, she died.
See the story at http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/Ted_Kennedy_Health_Care_/2008/06/05/101954.html

Liberals what are your thoughts on this?

Best answer:

Answer by capnbilly
not unless you get the same medical program that all Congressmen and Senators already get paid for by you and me.

but fear not, if Obama is elected he will expand the Congressional system to include every American that wants to buy into it

if McCain wins, well, guess you die

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