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Study supports link between stress, epileptic seizures

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"Eventually, if we can characterize the stress response in patients . . . maybe this can be a way to target different kinds of therapy to help reduce seizure frequency," Allendorfer said. While the study found an association between stress response and …
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Tap-water chemical may be linked to food allergy

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Medical professionals and patients are praising a new drug they say could be the end-all solution to addiction. Medical … "While the way this study was done does not allow concluding that the pesticides are responsible for the allergies, it certainly …
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Waco: Homeless Help Sponsor A Haitian Child

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"Everybody was like wow, how are we going to do that? We ain't got no money, I said with your pennies," … Wilson himself was once homeless. With the help of Mission Waco he overcame his drug addiction and got a job at a local McDonalds. "To be able …
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18 Responses to Can Help With World of Warcraft Addiction

  • AddictionDestroyer says:


  • xBeastMimicryx says:

    Your an idiot. Plain and simple.?

  • Toranugoldenfaith123 says:

    WoW isn’t an addiction its a game, someone could stop playing a game if they wanted to, at times i’m on WoW every second of? the day and other times (like last month) I never play it at all

  • hieele1 says:


  • Shuturmouth4 says:

    ok 1 second quiting a video game and not quiting are different lets say people come to me and say im addicted but i lie and say i cant o its to hard its not like smoking u dumb bitches its so easy its called personall will so if people wanna play video games let them its personell fucking will u could quit so easy people just dont want to u dumb ass nerd fuck u ur video ur haircut ur life STFU AND GET A GF AND? A LIFE U STUPID ASS BITCH MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING WHORE

  • ande8093 says:

    @DoctorSalt Says the 40 year old guy..? Your not really meaning that are you? Most people play? WoW with their friends which mean they are social… Xbox and PS3 gamers chat with each other when they play etc. It’s another way of socialising, which peple like you can’t accept is taking over. But yes, there’s other things in life than gaming but there’s more to it than looking into a screen and talking codes with people hour after hour 😉

  • RayRox17 says:

    Fag lol?

  • That1Gammer says:

    why? am i not playing wow right now anyways…? *blasts poker face… opens wow…lets raid ^_^*

  • briozaver says:

    if they pay me i maybe quit(so? i can pay for the game cards 😉 )

  • Blackwing024 says:

    join the resistance! seriously i wish there was something like? that 😀 working sux

  • Blackwing024 says:

    wow nice one i just realised? i wrote the same thing 😀

  • Blackwing024 says:

    im going to buil d a website for people who should get a new haircut, cause the? old one is fkin retarded.

  • MtYermomalot says:

    I’ve made a website on how to get? a haircut.

  • TheMachomaniac says:

    i quit for like a month and now since then? im not so attached to it

  • BUDDYAZ says:

    You sold out man. I bet you loved WoW when you played it. I bet you loved every minute of it now you’re slating to make money. It’s their? lives, let them spend it how they want. I despise you.

  • duskin99 says:

    Why would I want to? quit it?

  • DrVonTennla says:

    This guy is an epic fgt, he says he wants to help people quit wow (lol just lol) and he wrote a book which he sells for 14 bucks, nice way to help maaaan. Give it for free you wannabe facebook creator (in his webpage he is the CEO (!!!!) of his company Quitwow…? )I will tell you the way to quit wow in one simple step: take the pc away. Free and it works 100% of the time. He even says he quitted several times? so if the first time doesnt work you threw 14 bucks to his pocket! Hope you die virgin

  • zootdub376 says:


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