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After the End – Crackland – Crack – Drugs – Rehab – Documentary film shot in the Cracolandia area, attempting to report,inform and archive a historical situation.Although discredited by society those crack users show us throughtheir statements in this movie that they are conscicous about theirlives in the drug underworld.. Awarded the 2011 festival Art.Deco Shown in National and International Festivals. K2Everest Productions Ltda. Production and Direction: Coe Moraes Editing, Sound Design, Animation, Color, and CoProduction: Andre Garbin Cinematography and Co – Producer: Paulo Guedes Support: Antel.


Justin Bieber Heads To Drug Rehab – Mom Pattie Mallette Demands It – Report

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The latest one is that Justin Bieber is headed to rehab and that his mother Pattie Mallette is worried he'll be just another Hollywood tragedy. He's already headed down the beaten path of other former teen idols who have aged out of relevance, but that …
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Ind. substance abuse hospital to open women's drug-, alcoholtreatment center

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SHELBYVILLE, Indiana — An Indianapolis hospital that focuses on substance abuse has announced plans to open a drug- and alcohol-treatment center for women at a secluded central Indiana site that its chief executive says will become one of only a …
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Campton Hills trustees reject Kiva rehab center

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After months of consideration, Campton Hills trustees voted Tuesday night 4-2 to deny a plan to convert a former school into a private, 96-bed drug treatment center. Voting against the Kiva Recovery Center were trustees Laura Anderson, Susan George, …
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11 Responses to After the End – Crackland – Crack – Drugs – Rehab

  • jtebaize says:

    Rehab is? for quiters

  • scumgod13 says:

    Why don’t someone grab those 10, 12 and 16 yr. old kids up and get them? the fuck outta there.All the trillions of? dollars this country fuckin waste and spends destroying and rebuilding the middle east. Get these fuckin’ kids out of there and into somewhere safe.Smokin @ At age 6. I Can’t watch this again.Your comment just brought me back,but I have depression I can’t stick around here and watch knowing there’s not a thing my broke ass can do to help.

  • NeutralExistence says:

    That’s the point, they? don’t see that there is anything else. There is little hope for kids who grow up in impoverished ghetto’s, all they see is the rich getting richer, while they themselves are left to forage food from the dumpsters. This is the true face of the corporatist Fascism economic system that is pushed by the Western dictators, who hide behind an illusion of democracy.

  • NeutralExistence says:

    What is? up with the one eye symbolism?

  • scumgod13 says:

    man, this is so sad. All these young ass kids on crack. Don’t they know there’s more out there for? them? It’s eye opening though, thanks for uploading this.I ever hear of my nieces or nephews getting on rock if their daddy don’t tear them a new ass I will them and then him for not watching out!

  • William Silva says:

    Gringos vou deixar um recado esse brasil que voces veem na tv nao é a realidade do? brasil a realidade é essa poraria na qual ninguem faz nada

  • gam c says:

    great work i grew up in? new york during the 80s its was crazy still is now its all over


    x favor traduscanlo al español,su? trabajo es excelente,felicidadez=……

  • itscrazytrevor says:

    I am sorry I meant I’ll be sure to tell Our Good Friend Crack Head BoB about this important documentary I’m not on crack but as an artist and comedian I can cannel the spirit of Crack Head BoB and it come out in my writing or more often or not it’s the battle of dyslexia vs auto correct spell check to discredit you in the eyes of the all seeing eye of big brother or the masses? of wood be critics you will see a long list after my post so enjoy but don’t enjoy crack stay off the pipe and the dick!

  • itscrazytrevor says:

    I’ll be sure to? tell Our Good Friend Crack Head Bod about this muy importante documentary!

  • K2EverestProductions says:


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