How Will I Get to Find Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Cohoes, New York?

Question by citlaly a: How will I get to find drug rehabilitation centers in Cohoes, New York?
Ever since my dad went away, my sister has become a different person. She has always been a daddy’s girl and it was really hard for her to cope when my dad left. It was then that she started doing drugs. I have already talked to her, though, and she now wants to change. She says she misses her old self. How will I get to find the right drug rehab for her?

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Answer by dolores df
Consulting a doctor will do your sister good. The doctor will get to know what kind of treatment program will be right for her and which drug rehabs will be able to provide her with this kind of treatment. The links below also contain lists of drug rehabs. Another option would be to contact Narcotics Anonymous.

I’m glad that your sister has already decided that she’d better go back to how she once was before. I do hope that she recovers soon. Good luck!

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