Are the States That Require Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Anti-Veteran or Unpatriotic?

Question by honestly63: Are the states that require for welfare recipients anti-veteran or unpatriotic?
(Since 1/3 of all homeless men are veterans, and more than 2/3 of them suffer from drug/alcohol abuse, I’m guessing they are being harmed by this policy.)
I did provide a source, but maybe this one is short enough that it won’t get cut off.
picador, I didn’t say 2/3 of all veterans, I said 2/3 of homeless veterans.

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Answer by Leila Ferraz
Holding up a sign that says “vet” doesn’t make you a veteran. I don’t believe that statistic for a second. Care to provide a source?

That link was cut off.

Ok, the VA provided me with a no money down home loan. What more should we do? Pay for their drugs?

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5 Responses to Are the States That Require Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Anti-Veteran or Unpatriotic?

  • $^Lance^$ says:

    Having witnessed welfare being exploited by people, I have no problem with it. The money should only be used to buy things that are necessary for their survival.

    There are ways to get free of the drug and alcohol abuse.

  • ingsoc1 says:

    the homeless dont collect welfare, you need an address to collect

    Got to love the system

  • bash says:

    They are anti poor people in general. Drug testing for ONLY ONE segment of the population that receives state aid is a violation of the 4th amendment. Moreover, it doesn’t even test for alcohol or prescription drug abuse. Further, pot remains in the system for up to a month, while cocaine and heroin is completely out of the system after just a day or two. It’s a ridiculous policy that is costly and doesn’t work.
    If they want to drug test, the only way to legally do it would be to drug test EVERY citizen who receives state aid. All seniors, all ceo’s who get massive state welfare to come there, all pell grant recipients, all disaster victims who receive state aid, all farmers, etc.

  • picador says:

    If 2/3 of vets are addicts, the finger points rather to the military than to the individual States – none of whom are likely to have considered veterans when enacting the requirement for drug testing. The problem seems to stem from recruitment practices. (i.e. the addicted vets might have become addicts whether or not they enlisted.) Military conflict is far from new and certainly less terrifying than it was in World War l, but addiction never even approached the 2/3 proportion that you mention.

    Edit – Yes, you did say that. I stand corrected, but that makes the number of addicted vets even smaller and therefore less likely to have been considered in the legislation.

  • almaciga says:

    Let see there are hundreds of thousands coming back from Iraq. All those who are veterans of the Vietnam war, and there will be also coming back from Afghanistan plus all those who had completed their tour of duty before the war ended, we can say that yes, the vast majority of homeless are vets, and the vast majority of those use drugs legally. I would say with 95% accuracy that they will be affected and harmed by this policy. But GOP politicians have never shown any benevolent concern for others, let alone poor ex-soldiers that have no money for their political campaigns. If the GOP, Republican president who sent them there was even joking about the war then why would their politicians show any. And then what respect would the base give them when they do not even believe there are that many vets who are homeless.

    I have volunteered with the poor and I can tell you the ones who abuse drugs are not on welfare and yet live. Welfare only provide food stamps about $ 174 per month for one person. If that person spends on drugs that person will not eat. Those who get a cash is very small, mostly for disability. The rest get the credits to pay for housing, utilities (which the utility get paid directly) and medical which the provider gets paid directly. So, the cash benefit maybe about $ 75 per month. I know people that receive only $ 574 per month and that includes for food. Have you known anyone that can live on that and pay for drugs at the same time. The fact that welfare recipients use drugs is a myth the GOP invented. There are some, who receive welfare that shouldn’t but the number of those is very small, maybe .5% and do so because they know someone in high places who helps them get it. I knew someone like that.

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