Bong Rips, Stoner Talk, Pill Addiction 2 Bowl Sesh


Bong Rips, Stoner talk, Pill addiction 2 bowl sesh – Bong Rips, Stoner talk, Pill addiction is the topic among the history of music evolution apparently? ha ha enjoy… Subscribe, like and comment Cheers


How We Portray Mental Health on TV Matters

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Some friends were shocked, but others said that Wilson, who was 38 at the time, had "battled his share of demons, which have included drug addiction," reported <em>People</em>. Wilson "bounced back" from his suicide attempt, People reported …
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TOI Social Impact Awards: Lifetime contribution — Meira Paibi

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IMPHAL: Their call to arms always causes a bit of a clamour. It's the sound of a stone being banged against an … The movement by Meitei women began in the 1970s as a drive against alcoholism and drug addiction. The women would walk in groups at night …
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  • Stoner Morrison says:

    Hey there, Why thank you so much, your feedback is? greatly welcomed as well as appreciated :):)

  • Stoner Morrison says:

    I get that from my dad? he loves music and so do I. Looks can be deceiving lol, thanks for stopping by, :):) <3

  • Stoner Morrison says:

    No problem, it was my pleasure, Please feel free to leave me more suggestions etc. I love hearing them :):? <3 cheers, stay lifted 🙂

  • Bluberry Jonez says:

    Thanks again for answering my questions..the pill thing I wanted to know cuz I’m a addict been in methadone treatment for 6 years come 2/15/13 so was just wondering what its like yer way. Back to the weed what’s your favorite strain to smoke? And or? what is your all time favorite strain? Peace and keep toking 🙂

  • Jesse G says:

    At first sight you look like and average young girl. Id never expect you did acid or any other crap! And damn you know? like EVERY song!

  • udik74 says:

    Hey doll.. you are 1 fun chick to watch..Damn fine sexy, with a kick ass smile and a lovely throat..long story lol.. and yes as always love the coughing.. pills? were never my thing.. always thought if you smoked mother nature’s finest it would definitely cure whatever ails you.. thanks for the upload.. stay twisted..

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