Dr. Davenport Show Interview With John P. Walters


Dr. Davenport Show Interview with John P. Walters – Today on The Dr. Davenport Show Guest John P. Walters Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Hudson Institute, Washington, DC Headquarters As Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, John Walters oversees the Institute’s operations, including staff and research management. From December 2001 to January 2009, he was director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and a cabinet member during the Bush Administration. As the nation’s “Drug Czar,” Mr. Walters guided all aspects of federal drug policy and programs–supporting efforts that drove down teen drug use 25 percent, increased substance abuse treatment and screening in the healthcare system and dramatically dropped the availability of cocaine and methamphetamine in the US He also helped build critical programs to counter narcoterrorism in Colombia, Mexico, and Afghanistan. From 1996 until 2001 Mr. Walters served as president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, a national association of charitable foundations and individual donors. His prior government service included work at ONDCP at its founding in 1989 as chief of staff and later deputy director of supply reduction. He was assistant to the secretary and chief of staff at the US Department of Education during the Reagan Administration. He also served in the Division of Education Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities from 1982-1985. Mr. Walters has taught political science at Michigan State University’s


Contingency Management May Cut Drug Use, Hospitalization

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The study of 176 adult outpatients with both severe mental illness and psychostimulant dependence showed that those who underwent 3 months of a contingency management program for their dependence in addition to treatment as usual had significantly …
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Flu outbreak: What does it mean for you?

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As a result, health care centers across the city are offering free vaccines to people who haven't gotten it yet. They've also set up … For certain people at risk of complication like asthmatics, pregnant women and the people with weakened immune …
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Understanding Opioids: Part 1

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But an unforeseen consequence of increased opioid prescribing and availability was the epidemic of opioid abuse and addiction that ensued. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "The unprecedented rise in overdose deaths in the US …
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After Hospital Discharge, Other Ills May Land Seniors Back in Again

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… life-saving treatment. But it also involves physical and mental stresses — from poor sleep to drug side effects to a drop in fitness from a prolonged time in bed, explained Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at Yale …
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