Cocaine: Risks and Recovery From Addiction


Cocaine: risks and recovery from addiction – Drugs – getting help Cocaine use, even if it’s casual, can soon lead to dependence. Two people describe how the drug nearly ruined their lives.


Challenges for Global Governance in 2013

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Rather than issue more declarations, they must aim to produce more concrete results, especially in the areas of promoting a global economic recovery and helping to resolve the debt crises in the eurozone. In the coming years, the G-20 will have to show …
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Drug Rehab's Plan Advances

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A company called Coal New Haven is moving forward with plans to build the new 105-bed treatment center at 915 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard (pictured) for people recovering from drug addiction. The site is At a shuttered nursing home. The company wants to …
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Kevin Riordan: Group helps women reenter society from jail

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A part-time substance-abuse counselor who lives in Lawnside, Walden started the Second Chance program 10 years ago and later passed the reins to Marlowe. Both women believe in the 12-step model of recovery, which stresses spiritual development, …
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19 Responses to Cocaine: Risks and Recovery From Addiction

  • dinnoo89 says:

    soo truee :‹

  • TheHolycactus says:

    It’s just psychosis. Strong stimulants can cause it, especially if they keep you awake for long periods of? time.

  • amyanubis says:

    I have been clean for about a year now. I will always be an addict, every? other night I dream of doing it.

  • 123lowp says:

    no it won’t. It is just a side? effect if you do too much.

  • HIR5032 says:

    The information provided in this video is so vital in understanding cocaine? addiction. Life doesn’t have to be this way. Just make the choice to make the first move and call a professional.

  • principlethekid says:

    If you hear voices, its because people can sense you are vulnerabIe. I can bet you 9.5/10 times people experience these things when they are really high? and have a hard time grasping reality. If you get a sudden sense (rush) of paranoia like someone is trying to hurt you, try to take a minute and assess the situation and it will pass. Dont EVER run, dealing with it is alot better on you mentally as these types of situations can and probably will occur again, even if you are sober.

  • principlethekid says:

    We use drugs because we want to die without feeling guilty. We have feelings of suicide because of the guilt built up that occured to pursue drugs.? Depression is now a normal thought process for many people as it becomes an obsession. Our once huge egos ia now a huge ball of regret and guilt being the way we are. The real low comes when you decide life is the only option. This is the first step to the path of living a life without highs or lows. Its just you, and the way you percieve the world.

  • MrTheMark21 says:

    You better stay away from it if? you heard voices in your head. This is not normal, it could lead you to schizophrenia real quick.

  • GLIFEGIRL says:

    Cocaine is very? addicting stay away from it

  • Tenbegdoh says:

    I used to use cocaine regularly (most weekends). I got caught with it one night, so I switched to mephedrone. I used that for? a while, and it was amazing.

    I quit that a while ago, when it became illegal.

    How am I addicted to cocaine now?. Seriously, I made a choice to stop buying it.

  • Gabb Scarlat says:

    You become addicted to cocaine if you use it regularly; if you snort coke? everyday for like 5 days, you’ll do it again in the 6th day, then in the 7th day. That’s how addiction comes into the picture. No one tells you to stop doing coke; it’s kinda harmless if you do it ocasionally, once at 2 or 3 months, but not many people can handle feelings like “man, it was so awesome being high on cocaine yesterday. I wanna do it again today, I’ll not become addicted”. That’s wrong. They will.

  • slootmaster26 says:

    There is this one kid? I knew who told me that Cocaine was 100% non addictive and not bad for you at all. He used cocaine a lot. He also told me that tons on rich and successful people do it all the time just for fun because it is 100% non addictive and it’s more of a simple past time. That dumbass was clearly a coke head.

  • slootmaster26 says:

    Yep! That is exactly? how it goes!

  • Virgil Hicks says:

    Never skate in buffalo? herds!

  • LemonZeppelin says:

    I did cocaine once in April. I will try my hardest to never do it again. The high is not worth all the negative effects; the paranoia, the comedown, the withdrawal, the voices in your? head, etc. I’m not going to actively search for it but I’m not sure if I can stay away from it forever.

  • RawStreams says:

    Hate to break it to you but Scarface? wasn’t real.

  • mentallytormented21 says:


  • BugsWisely says:

    I don’t think we have to think very hard to understand the mechanism the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT uses to decide? who they allow to sell cocaine derivatives. Work is great, but not so good when the pain catches up. That wears on you, grinds you down.

  • richard47483 says:

    very good man GOD is HERE TO? HELP US

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