Dr. Alan Downs Speaks About Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for FRN- Pt. 1


Dr. Alan Downs speaks about Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for FRN- pt. 1 – Dr. Alan Downs discusses ways we can strengthen our journey to recovery and speed up the healing process. For anyone who is in the process of self-healing – whether healing from addiction, heart ache, or illness – these tips will help guide your path.


Helping the Poor and Addicted Turn Their Lives Around (VIDEO)

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Among the successful couples of Bishop Holloway's House of Help/City of Hope are James and Angela Woods. Widowed in 1989, Angela came to the ministry addicted to drugs and, in her words, “on the street with my two children in a stroller made for one” …
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Maine doctors help fight prescription abuse

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LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — More and more Maine doctors and hospitals are asking patients to sign a controlled-substances agreement that allows them to request blood or urine samples in an effort to fight the state's prescription drug abuse problem …
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Brockton region looks to social media to help area youth fight addiction

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The site, which is private for area youths recovering from drug addiction, was launched two months ago and now boasts 200 recovering addicts as members, said Dr. Joseph Shrand. Shrand, who treats local addicts ages 13 to 17, hopes federal dollars …
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  • foundationsrnetwork says:

    We’d love to help however? we can! Give us a call at (866) 872-6780 so we can figure out how we can best help possible.

  • warrenrathert78 says:

    I need help?

  • foundationsrnetwork says:

    We’re glad you got? so much out of this video Jeremy.

  • foundationsrnetwork says:

    We wanted to give our viewers, the ones who were interested in the message as a whole rather than just quick snip its of information, the opportunity to watch the entire video. If you take 15 minutes out of your day I think you would find what a great message each segment has and the powerful? message Dr. Downs gives in the entire video. If you don’t want the experience of being in the room with the rest of the audience, shorter videos of a different topic may be better for you.

  • Belldavid1000 says:

    What a? beautiful sensitive man.

  • colincoolness says:

    Well, to be honest with you, every youtube video isn’t going? to be catered to your exacting specifications. Maybe you should try rolling with the punches like the rest of us.

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