IMPORTANT: What Are the Most Effective Ways of Overcoming Heroin Addiction?

Question by Devilishly Sexy MasterMinD: IMPORTANT: What are the most effective ways of overcoming heroin addiction?
And if anyone happens to be an ex-heroin addict, PLEASE contact me asap.

I have a close friend of mine who’s almost gone insane because of heroin addiction. His family is now considering sending him to Singapore, a supposedly drug-free nation, to keep him off heroin. Is that a good idea?

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Answer by iain
No! “sending him to Singapore” is certainly NOT a good or responsible thing to do!

You need to get professional help. If you are in the UK, call the National Drugs Helpline on 0800 77 66 00. There is tons of professional help he can get, including counselling, rehab, and Methadone prescriptions to help get him off the Heroin. This is all free in the UK, but if you are not in the UK there will probably be some similar equivalent in your own country.

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  • Maren M says:

    My friend is on Methadone but she has to go to a clinic 4 xs a week to pick up her medicine. It is a controlled drug by the government that is used to help ween people off of Heroine. I would be terrified to send any of my family members to singapore only because if for some reason he did get caught doing something like that in a country that has different laws and concequences of zero tolerence behavoir such as it who know what could happen to him. I’m sure the laws arent the same as here, probably worse. I would research that!

  • Brian T says:

    self disgust is the only way to over come any addiction. If he’s not ready, he’ll find a way.

  • Nancy Pineapple says:

    The best way to beat any addiction is by replacing one addiction with another. Perhaps you should buy your friend a life-time supply of pop tarts. That way, whenever he feels the need to shoot up he can make himself a pop tart instead. This also has some pretty positive health benefits. It is a well known fact among the scientific community that pop tarts actually increase life expectancy. A qualitative study done in Fiji over a decade showed that when pop tarts were introduced into the Fijian’s diets, life expectancy rose 67%.

    Furthermore, pop tarts are also good for throwing at small children. It is fun for both you and the children because children have no qualms towards eating food off the ground.

    In sum, pop tarts can serve a dual purpose for your friend – he can use them to quell his addiction, plus think of the joy he will get from watching children scramble around his feet. In no time he’ll be saying, “heroin? What’s heroin?”

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